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Sponsored Review : ITOH Collagen Powder

this post been delayed for few days, glad to be able to be part of this seeders program by samplestore!! thank you (:

received it during Christmas eve, but dad only open the letterbox on christmas day, but well, lovely surprises from samplestore, not just one, but two package came!


so the product receive is a box of Itoh Collagen Powder, and a little small present box filled with sweets, so nice of them to give out free tin boxes filled with christmas spirit.

well, my box was kind of damaged at the corner even though it bubble wrapped, but at least none of the little sachets inside is damage.


about Itoh Collagen ..
1. colour-less, tasteless, non-sugar, non-fat collagen powder
2. contain 3000mg of collagen per sachet that can be dissolve to any drink or soup. can be taken thought the day. low molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes.
and do you know?
collagen level actually decreases as we age!!

so with sufficient amount of collagen in our skin, it will always remain radiant and elastic, but with low collagen, it will cost the skin to be dry, flabby and wrinkly!!

Q&A about this low molecular collagen powder,
1. Where this collagen is extracted from?
- its extracted from healthy pigskin and cartilage, which are tested by Japan SPF standard. besides, fat and gelatin are removed thru high purification technology. hence ITOH collagen is safe and tasteless. (so muslim reader out there, please do take note before you consume this collagen powder)2. How to apply in your daily life?
- just add it directly, to hot soup, food or drinks such as coffee, juice, milk or water.
3. Suggested dosage or intake per day?
- 1-3 sachet per day, approved by FAO & WHO, making it very safe to consume.
4. When the best time to consume?
- take it on an empty stomach any time, but the best time to consume is before sleeping or with an empty stomach!
5. How long will you be able to see the result?
- since it formulated thru high purification, it can be easily assimilated by our body system. hence, results is usually visible after 1-2 weeks, but will vary with individual.
6. Who needs collagen?
- ITOH collagen is natural and free of chemical compositions. It's suitable for anyone except vegetarian.

so let take a look at the box..

you can either choose to open from the flip or even open from the side too.

neatly packed sachets inside the box, blue and white as its color scheme, simple and nice. easy to use too, since all you need is to just take one sachet, instead of some needing to use a spoon to scope some amount out which will be different amount each time.

recommended amount to take is 1-3 sachet per day.

so i decided to try it out by adding the powder into my mummy's porridge, which she cooked for lunch. as stated in the product, it really doesn't affect the taste of the plain simple porridge. not only that, it dissolve very easily after stirring it a few times.

thoughts after trying,
1. taste-less and colour-less, like i commented above. and not only you can add into your food, you can mix it with your favorite drinks or desserts, no worries about it affecting the taste :D
2. non-fat , thus for people who is trying to be healthy or keep the weight down, thumbs up!
3. since it packed in small sachets, it will make life easier if you are always on the go, and small to fit into the bag too. can always take a sachet out if you eat out !
4. a little costly for me, since a box consist of 14 sachets, which cost $49.90 but it able to last for two weeks if you take one each day (:

who wouldn't want to stay young and healthy as we aged?! *happy*

if you like to get bouncy and radiant skin, you can get this ITOH collagen powder at Guardian stores, at SGD $49.90, 14 sachets in the box.

thanks for reading (:

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