Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review : Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Color

note -
* this post is not sponsored ! its pay by my own money and everything in this post is my own personal view after testing!! smiles *

been delaying this post for quite a long while already, oh well here it is ..

before anything, like to wish you people HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
its another new beginning in the lunar year, and what more special to start the new year with a fresh new color, which most people are doing which is to dye your hair! for the past few year, its always going to hair salon to dye my hair, but always dying the same old color and it always cost a bomb like $100 plus plus to $200? *which do include other services*

but since it a new year and with a budget to keep with, shall try something new! to DIY my own hair, my first time trying since there's like thoughts of whether doing it yourself will make your hair dried or even wouldnt get the colour that you wanted from the box that you buy and more and more ..


Introducing Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Color P56 Intense Violet Red

by the way i got it during a promotion when it was like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so its like 18-20 plus for two boxes, that why i decided to buy this and try this brand instead of others *cheapo me* oh well, who wouldnt be tempted to get it since you get two for the price of one and plus its Fashion color is quite nice especially the red series.

what they claim on the box:
1. Execllence now bring you intense, visible color and is infused with Hi-Shine Complex2. Long-Lasting vibrant color and spectacular shine
3. with their formula, Triple Care Protection, leaves hair strong and silky-soft

so what the Triple Care Protection?
powerful combination that repair, strengthen and replenish hair, thus allowing the hair to be silky soft and efficiently resists breakage from combing!

*sound like very good right?*

what included in the box:
1. Protective pre-color serum - which protect your hair before coloring
2. Protective creme colorant
3. Creme development
4. Comb applicator - which is for the no.3 bottle
5. Protective conditioner
6. Instruction sheet
7. Pair of Gloves 

what nice is the way the instruction is written on the sheet, but its get a little confusing for me since it my first time trying. plus point of it is that they come in both English and Chinese, so basically anyone can read and use it with ease, and there illustrations to illustrate how it is done in a proper method.

and they warn that its not very good to mix any mixture or colorant of different brands together or even different range of the same brand as it will result in unpredictable damage! so unless you test before and it okay for you, dont try to mix any together * be safe than to be sorry right? *

step one before you pre-color your hair, squeeze generous dose of the Protective Pre-Serum into your hand, and apply to the lengths and ends of your hair, which is dry and unwashed hair.

step two cover your shoulders with a towel is really a need * i try without the towel and got a mess all over which i regretted a bit * and wear the gloves that is given. then pour the Creme Colorant into the developer bottle, and shake vigorously!!

step three twist off the tip of the applicator immediatey after mixing to avoid the bottle bursting and damaging from the product overflowing. then you can choose to use the open tip or the comb applicator that was also given inside the box, which glides easily through the hair length.

then step four
there two different option given, so let start with the first option ...

the APPLY ALL OVER option, which is for natural hair or hair that is colored over more than 3 months
1. apply the mixture first to the roots and the stubborn grey *if you have*, part by part and then spread it all though the hair.
2. massage the mixture to allow it to saturated though out your hair, and left it to develop for 30 minutes
3. pour away the unused color down the drain, empty and wash away before throwing the bottle, and if the color get onto your skin, remember to use a damp cotton to clean it quick, if not if you wait too long it will just stain your skin and remain for like 2 days or so..
4. after the time pass, pour some warm water onto your hair and massage gently, then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. then use the Protective Conditioner all over the hair and massage, and leave it over 2 minutes before rinsing it off. 

the COLOR TOUCH UP option, which is for hair that already been colored
1. apply the mixture to your roots and massage.
2. let it develop for 20 minutes, then next apply mixture to lengths and leave it for 10 minutes.
and the same steps follow !


my thoughts after using?
1. it will get messy if its your first time, so get prepare to have a mess (:
2. its get fun to do-it-yourself but get bored while waiting for the time to pass so plan what to do during the waiting period.
3. this brand really doesnt dry out your hair and like it say it keep your hair silky and soft, and i do love it.
4. since its RED, everytime you wash, be prepare to get red flowing water for a week or two, may depend. and the first day after dying my hair it doesnt really stand out much, but it take a day or more before the color slowly became brighter, especially under the sun it look nice!
5. i started with brown dyed hair, and only did a length ends of it with one bottle which seem i only used like 3/4 of it since i did worry how bright it will turn out, but i guess it was a successful try since it stay on my hair for quite a long period for about three weeks or more since i used it. Long Lasting and value for the money (:

first few days after dying (:

about 1-2 weeks later *capture under sunlight*

*note* remember to use color shampoo and conditioner so that the color will stay longer (: it will really help better than just using normal shampoo, and i used the brand Rene Furterer Paris OKARA shampoo and conditioner *shall review them another day* which they claim to 80% of color protection, made in France.

feel free to comment on any brand that you guys try before which has a series of attractive color and doesnt dry out the hair !! or any other tricks? will love to hear from you guys too !!

ciaossu (:


  1. hello!
    i have a question i hope you can help me.
    i have previous brown dyed hair, do you think it will work on the top of that? or only will paint my roots?

    1. hello (:

      sorry for the late reply.. it does work on my brown dyed hair, but the brightness of it depend on your current hair colour, if yours is a lighter brown the color red will be brighter as compare to mine, which is more visible under sunlight (:

      it can be used from the roots to the ends, hope this will help (:


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