Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review : Sunsilk Black Shine

guess many would know about the brand SUNSILK, which can be found in many places in singapore, but then again, have you heard before of the BLACK SHINE series? * i think its quite uncommon here?*

this happen to be part of my recent hauls that i got before, and its rather cheap i must say, both shampoo and conditioner cost about $2.50 or slightly more but its below $4 for a bottle of 170ml! and i currently only find them at CK department store, but havent try chinatown or so.


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Black Shine
co-created by Jamal Hammadi.
- is enriched with Amla Pearl Complex energizers to give deeper, shinner hair from the 1st wash
- special amino acids have really small molecules which easily penetrate into the hair
 plus UV protector lock in moisture  =  keeping out humidity and static 
- suitable for all hair type!
- 3 types : shampoo, conditioner plus treatment

lets take a look at the shampoo ..

 ingredients : 
water, sodium laureth sulfate, dimethiconol, cocamidopropyl betaine, perfume, sodium chloride, carbomer, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantoin, mica, titanium dioxide, lysine HCI, pantenol, ethylhexy methoxycinnamate, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (pearl extract), eclipta prostrata (urang aring) extract, methylchloroisothiazolione, methylisothiazolinone, TEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonate, citric acid, sodium benzoate, magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, butylene glycol, aminomethyl propanol, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 51319, CI 77266

*so many unknown ingredients*
reading other reviews, they say different countries has some different ingredients inside. but well ...

thoughts after using ..
1. has quite nice fragrance *but its from the perfume they added, but at least its nice right?*
2. its black running liquid and contains glitters in it! *shine shines*
3. rich lather, after washing, its clean the hair, making it oil free but felt slightly dry after using.
4. one thing about the flip cap is that is easily open, but because of the design, when you pour the shampoo onto your pump, it easily pour out more than what you intend to use, so need to pour gently. well, you cant really ask for too much for a two dollar product right? *smiles*
5. black shine? cant really see the shine part actually that it claim

next is the conditioner..

 ingredients : 
water, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, dipropylene gycol, perfume, dimethicone, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, glycerin, trideceth-5, magnesium nitrate, lysine HCI, carbomer, ethylhexyl megnesium chloride, methylisothiazoline, butylene glycol, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (pearl extract), aminomethyl propanol, citric acid, CI 77266

 instruction : 
1. apply on the ends of the hair *try to stay away from the scalp*
2. leave it for about a min or more
3. rinse it off with cold water as a finishing touch to it (:

thoughts after using ..
1. same as the shampoo, nice fragrance
2. greyish in color, like charcoal.
3. leave the hair soft and gentle after washing, no itchy feeling!!
4. rich lather and leave hair oil free

 CONS ? 
- doesnt really help or improve hair fall or dandruff or even frizzy hair, but its wont make it worse so dont worry!
- contain chemical ingredients and not herbal type
- dont expect a miracle that it will straight away turn your hair shiny black, its take time!
- not commonly found in common places


overall, its does its job to clean your hair well and keep it soft! do love the scent, and its cheap but not very travelable size type since its a little big to place in a hand carry bag for travel purpose. unless you are looking for those anti hair fall or super duper good type of shampoo, just skip this cause its wont help much other than making your hair silky and soft!

ciaossu (:

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