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Review : Daeng Gi Meo Ri

 its been awhile since i did a review, but well, been trying out quite a few different products during the past week ...

since i got quite a number of samples in hand *means time to clear them up*, i decided to try out DAENG GI MEO RI samples i managed to get last month! it took me awhile to think whether to test it out since i already using Klorane after the past month, which is still not too bad :D but i guess once awhile a little change wont do any harm unless it's a really bad product right?!

anyways, DAENG GI MEO RI is a Korean brand, its made in Korea even the samples are from there.

What is Oriental Medicine?It is a traditional medicine developed in Korea(Asia).
DAENG GI MEO RI is made from traditional production methods. The key of DAENG GI MEO RI which has made a great impact on the chemical shampoo market lies in the secret traditional production method. Unlike other simple chemical mixtures, DAENG GI MEO RI contains domestic medicinal herbs and first grade purified water that hasve been decocted for 72 hours, after it is matured and concentrated, for the development of the best medicinal herb shampoo on the market.
- taken from the source here (if you like to know more about the brand, just click the link)


well, at first i wasnt really wanting to test this brand out, since i heard from some people it has a very herb strong smell, so i was like *thinking twice* in the past year, i did went for a Yun Nam hair care treatment, and got *smoke* to buy their shampoo and conditioner, which they say will help improve the hair but insist me of taking the package to cleanse my scalp first if not even if i try other product it wont solve my oily scalp problem... well, turns out their shampoo and conditioner make my hair even drier than before thus decided to stop using it and find other solution. *seriously! sad about it, but not all solutions will work on all types of hair*

back to topic ...

only got two days worth of samples , better than nothing right? the original bottle size is a little pricey for me right now.. 

Main Ingredients for the KI Gold Energizing Series
  • Siberian Chrysanthemum : Containing Vitamin A, B and amino acids, it soothes scalp and has good cleaning ability.
  • Angelica Dahurica Root : Has a conditioning effect and antibiotic activity. Also prevents and heals the diseases such as tinea capitis (scalp ringworm) or cornification
  • Mulberry Root : Soothes skin troubles effectively and has whitening and wrinkle-improving effects.
  • Cnidium Officinale : Nourishes hair, makes it smooth and healthy and increases elasticity of hair.
  • Ginseng : Promotes blood circulation by extending capillary tube. It accelerates cell metabolism and strengthens the intensity of hair strands.
  • Green Tea : Nourishes hair root. Containing tannin, it keeps hair smooth by forming a protective barrier to hair and moisturizes dry scalp through moisture absorption.
  • Mugwort : Nourishes scalp and prevents cornification.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate : Moisturizes hair and has conditioning effect.
  • Portulaca extract : Soothes scalp and has anti-biotic and anti-allergic effects.
- took from the source here


  • KI Gold Energizing Shampoo

Pure extract of medicinal herbs decocted with a high concentration of Korean Ginseng and various other herbs, No color added. It deeply cleans the scalp. It also eliminated dandruff and itching and purifies the scalp. It moisturizes and nourishes the scalp by controlling sebum secretion. *stated at the back* 

thoughts after using
very strong herb scent i must say, way stronger scent as compare to the yun nam shampoo! cant really blame the scent it has since it make from all kind of herbs, plus with no color added, it retains its brownish dark color. but after using this shampoo sample, i do felt it dries my hair easily, might be cause it really cleanse my scalp since i felt quite clear after using but still ... *dries*

can never forget about the conditioner, a must after shampooing your hair !! right? *smiles*

  • KI Gold Energizing Conditioner

This Product mainly consists of Oriental herbal medicine extracts, mainly Korean ginseng and other various herbs, traditionally brewed for long hours, the extract resulting from the process of enrichment and maturation. The Oriental herbal medicine extracts, the nature's energy, forms a hydrating and protecting layer to make hair more soft and lustrous. *stated at the back*

thoughts after using
as compare to the shampoo scent, this conditioner really smell nice!! very easy to apply on the hair, just need to leave it for 2-3 mins before washing it away to let the hair absorbs all the nutrients in it. leaving the hair smooth *loves*

  • Jin Ki Vitalizing Treatment

i dont really understand korean at the back on the sample sachet so here the information i got from the net here ...

thoughts after using
love the scents of this treatment, which is roughly the same scent with the conditioner, same texture and color too even though its both from the different series. all you need is to just leave it slightly longer than the conditioner, which is about 4-5 mins or so, and just rinse it off with cold water. personally i find it more refreshing to finish up with cold water, if i didnt remember wrongly, it stated on the net that is help to retain its shine. to me, its really just the refreshing part & it feel better too (: this treatment will really make your hair really soft! and really smooth. its like only my first try to use it and it really a great result, though my hair still seem fizzy but it really better than before, and it not like a day or two effect kind that will disappear, it last longer than 3-4 days already *love it*

that all for now (:

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  1. Hi, how to use daeng gi meo ri vitalizing treatment? is it used as conditioner? Apply on wet hair after shampoing? or apply on dry hair?


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