Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ByeBye 2013, Hello 2014

i shall think of 2013 as a positive start for 2014 beginning, even with so much upside downs in relationship, *positive thinking* its a lesson even how bad it was.

reflections half done but well, at least 2013 seem quite a good year overall since i get to do and experience so many new things like diy and self cooking etc... at least i get to graduate from school, got lucky to go see runningman fan meeting !! *happy* pampered myself to a new conserve shoe, my first concert experience at ONE OK ROCK, which was super awesome! got a job to support oneself, which is needed since i ended school and cant always live off from my parents. got a fk off relationship, will at least it ended and i not bother and have look forward in life (: since there no need to look back anymore. listen to the phrase, let people take or steal them from you, he just a rubbish, since he willingly to leave u, he will be the same in other relationships too. promises? craps. at the end of the day, he just a bitch rubbish ! * sorry to be like a bitch now but to that guy, this is being nice already* well forget about that crap since it over, a lesson not to even start a relationship with that kind of guys. *censored words to be positive post* haha!

& started this blog too, to share my *unexperiences-ness* in beauty products which i bought or free samples i get off the net!! and with this blog and little hobby in buying cheap stuff, i starting to have the habit to really buy things at offered prices and make my mommy follow too! *always trying to stop her when she try to buy something without a sale tag* as compare to other blogs, i really a newbie, but shall make full use of 2014 to make this blog a better learning experiences for me and i do like to thanks those who take their time to browse through the posts. THANK YOU (:

to summarized every thing in 2013, five words -

why stepping stones? 2013's experiences allow me to be more mature, meet new people and creating a new block in my life story towards 2014. i shall look forwards for the coming months and 11 more months of experiences *hint hint* before i get to experience office life! and i really happy that i managed to survive my first month of work! *happy inexperience me* 

mistakes are meant to be make, and learn from it! 

i shall make 2014 a POSITIVE THINKING YEAR!! even how negative it will be, i will have to try to make it positively sound nice too (:


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