Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thoughts of 2016

Just releasing how much i have not touch this blog for quite a long while already, but finally finding the time to get back to this space. And another year has just passed by again. Frankly speaking, this year has got me thinking quite a bit, and its also fill with quite a lot of fun filled activities...


To starts of with the year, got a fixed roll in the marketing team this year after finishing my management trainee last year. glad to officially say that i managed to survive my very first job for 3 years that is packed with fun and experiences from all sort of departments that i went too, plus my first very EXSA award too! good achievement ..

Not to forget the marketing team, thanks to them, i get to enjoy lots of interesting moments during work and off work period, laughter and explore food places, especially the bingsu moments! It's also a good thing that my office is really near food places, so it convenient to just explore nearby for food.

That's to say, I finally at the quarter stage of my life, 25 years old. Got to tried out some new stuffs like DIY terrarium during an office workshop, went to a mini Japan Matsuri at Esplanade *a little disappointed in the event but still the soft serve icecream was good*, had my first prawning session and got 2 prawns, which is better than nothing!

One of the amazing thing to happen this year was Pokemon Go! to have your childhood dreams of catching Pokemon in real life, it's really a dream come true. When it first came out, everyone is like looking at their phone, running here and there just to catch Pokemon, which can be quite dangerous when no one looks at their surrounding. I *admit* that I also have sometimes not looking at the road just busy trying to catch some and nearly bang into the trees / wall a few times *laughs*.. 

the outing with colleagues at vivocity rooftop, with all out us catching magikarp at the same time. the spawn rate there is just fast, just walk round and round, you will finish your pokeballs very fast! good thing is that it make you walk and walk, exercise ~
Good news its that now it finally released the baby Pokemon, and its exclusive pikachu wearing a xmas hat, and if you evolve Santa pikachu, you will get Santa raichu as well! not bad for December before Christmas.

With all the crazy days of Pokemon, I just got tempted to play Pokemon Moon because of one of its new Pokemon - mimikyu *aka fake pikachu* but its really cute, and got myself a limited pikachu Nintendo 3DSXL just to play. *pocket burnt* for this month. frankly speaking, this pikachu 3ds is fully yellow in color both inside and out, with the colored buttons (red, blue, yellow and green) as compare to others.

For now, I can't wait for next year 2017 to come, for the new experiences to happen if everything go alright till then! *secret* and finally a holiday trip to Japan next year with my family, yes, Japan is my favorite country to explore, just loves the place.

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