Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recaps


just less than a few hours more till its 2016! time is passing by just like a blink of an eye, and well, all i can summarized about 2015 is that its been really a great year for me ..

10 things done this year

1. a family trip to Japan in December
2. got to try puffy fish & kobe beef for the first time!
3. completed my 2 year trainee program, my first job ..
4. got to try out different departments during my trainee period!
5. meet new people at work ~
6. went for my first run, YOLO run, with my colleagues
7. back to doodlings & tried out some new skills like water coloring
8. started a carousell store to try selling stuffs for the fun part
9. bought a fitbit
10. jog & walk around punggol / sengkang / mbs area a few times ~

well, this year was really mainly work was the fun part for me i guess, surprisingly it turns out to be a great experience, but shall see what next year will be like! oh well, i shall start to think about 2016 for now, and say goodbyes to 2015 *smiles*

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