Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sponsored Review : Faith in Face Masks Assorted

truth to be told, its my first time trying out Hydrogel Mask *happy girl* and, especially nowadays work life is getting tougher, there isn't much time to just chill and relax at home with a piece of mask!

whats so great is that Faith in Face, the No.1 Hydrogel Mask Brand in Korea *meaning its well suited for asia skin* , has reached the local shelves in Watsons. & doesn't the packaging give you a retro pin girl beauty feel?

out of 5 variants they have, i received 3 types to try out!
After Shower Look, Black & White Film Star and Nourish Me 


Nourish Me : Vital Nourishing

Black & White Film Star : Whitening


After Shower Look : Hydration (Soothing & Moisturizing)

its a 2 pieces mask, which is suppose to provide better fitting and its come well protected inside too with 2 protection layer over it.

1. remove from the protective sheets
2. adjust to fit on your face & keep it for 30 mins
3. after that, remove and pat remaining serum gently onto your skin *smiles*


left pic - trying out , right pic - after using *smiles*

its a first time trying out hydrogel mask, since most of the time i either using the normal facial mask or sleeping mask. while trying out the first mask - after shower look, it took me awhile to place it in place as it keeps sliding down *hais* but the reason could also be that there also quite alot of serum on it too *thumbs up*

there's 2 sides of the mask - smooth and textured, so i try on the textured side which does help to hold it better. unless you got the same issue, you can try using the textured side! words of caution from the box : applying the textured side on the face may cause discomfort, so please switch over to the smooth side ~ depends on individual skin, for me i dont really find any discomfort *phew*

plus all 3 have different types of scents to it:

- After Shower Look really smell sweet & refreshing, & the mask is slightly blue-ish in color
- Nourish Me has a honey scent to it, and a slight yellowish peach colour for the mask
- Black & White Film Star has a slight green tea scent to it

another good point after using the mask, no irritation or stickiness after using. but if you have sensitive skin, do test it first just in case. it really feel gentle to the skin & hydrated plus soothing after removing it.


lets not to forget the other 2 variants :

Hold Me Tight : Lifting & Firming

Invisible Pore : Pore Refining/Tightening

. . .

Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask range is now exclusively available at Watsons at $14.50 for 3s!
5 variants available.

& find out more about Faith in Face, check out their Facebook page for more updates

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