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Monthly Empties 02 December

finally with my second empty post, december's empties. 

this month, i managed to empty out/used 3 full size products + 7 travel size + 22 samples/masks .. this time round i have used more samples, but at least i met my target this month! well, some products are either just random ones i tried or similar to the previous month post since i got a few bottles/samples of it.

its going to be a long post , thus warning first :)


pardon the bad photography and the messy photos. i not a really neat kind of person in real life anyway, a little mess is also good, being too neat isn't really my personality or people might just say it laziness. but this time round i try to put them according to types but still, its became random still after all.


now, Klorane is my favorite brand of shampoo for 2013, its really did well for my hair for the past 2 months, and yes, its quite nice and smell nice too. i did a short review on Klorane anti-dandruff treatment shampoo and the nourishing & untangling conditioning balm here. i did try out the smoothing shampoo with peony, and i must say it really gentle to the scalp. plus my hair is become less and less irritated each day, and what make it better is that is a Hypoallergenic product! plus point.whats more you can use it daily since its very gentle and no harsh chemical inside. 

Repurchase? i did bought another 2 bigger bottles during member day sale at watsons, 3 for only $36 ++ ! such a grab ..

 me with my daiso grabs, the warming sheet tree extract, i cant really say much or review about it since i wont really know what it does inside my body, but the tingling feeling at the foot is quite nice plus this foot sheet warm your legs during your sleep time. if you like to try, daiso do carry quite a few different foot sheet depending on what you like to try .. decided to get the celebrity's choice inchloss shower scrub, since it was only like $6+ which is usually like 9 or 10 dollars ++ or more, well, the curious me decided to buy since i wanted to try a shower scrub too. i wont say it quite effective but it work sometimes, depending on your lifestyle too. why? you cant really expect to slim down just by using the scrub while eating and not exercising right? *laughs.. that me sometimes* read some review about the scrub but for me personally, i dont feel a warm feeling while apply the scrub, but others do. and another thing is that the promoter say it work better with the cream after shower, but the cream is like 20++ !! well, exercise is a better solution actually, since it free (:

four different new masks : Double Effect V-Lift Mask Canola Honey ( review post here ) , But beauty mask double lifting mask - stretchable mask love it, Luffa Mask - the mask inside is protected by another plastic mask, interesting and Daily fresh green tea extract mask. these four masks are quite nice to use, no after effect like pimples or outbreaks. as usual lots of serums, fit well except for the double effect v-lift mask by guardian.mostly mild scents, not very over powering and no itchy after leaving it to dry with the serum on the face. for Biore nose pack and Cure samples, i did a super short review here in the november's empties post. just in case you get bored with me repeating over and over again.

Repurchase? for the mask, maybe (;

Ellips hair vitamins, another of my favorites in 2013, tried three different of the capsules, purple brown and pink. read here for a more detailed review *smiles* always giving vitamins to my hair before i sleep since it seem good to my hair. at first i wasn't really liking the scent of the purple one, but after using like 3 or 4 times, i starting to love the scents of the oil. Been using Essential Hair Mask for quite awhile already, never fail to make my hair smooth and soft after the 3-5 minutes treatment, doesn't leave your hair oily or very dry. As for the Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner samples, shampoo smell like the chewy apple sweet, but i dont really fancy the smell, plus it dry my hair out after washing, but lucky after using the conditioner, my hair felt better. well, hair after being dry, it felt quite obedient, but doesn't solve the frizzy part, but well, it only one try out, thus cant tell much. but doubt i will buy it since the shampoo only make my hair dry badly.

Repurchase? Yes bought the bigger bottle which consist of 50 capsules for the Ellips hair vitamins, and another hair mask treatment already (: 

if you like to use wet wipes, you can get 4 packs at the price of 1 dollar at Japan Home, i got the green tea one, as compare to the watsons wet wipe with lavender scent, the japan home one really smell nicer than the watsons one. $1 compare to $2 !! way way cheaper. *cheapo me*  but who wouldn't want to get one that is both cheap and nice smelling? and also got the lemon scent one, sweet scent! SpectraBan sunscreen is really nice to my skin for sun protection, you can read more here. shall just skip the three, Once a week wipe, Acure oasys contact lens and Bifesta sebum (here the review for this) . and lastly, Darlie double action toothpaste, it wasn't as bad as i expected, this travel size was the mild type, so it wasn't that minty and strong.

Repurchase? as for the sunscreen, wont be purchasing it since i trying out biore first. got myself the promo buy 1 get 1 pack for darlie, only $3.55 for two big size and 2 small travel size (what a grab right), the mild one for me while the strong one for my grandma, since that her brand of toothpaste. 


can't wait to do another empty post since i get to clear stock on the table and grab more things to try ! shall work harder next time to empty out more products and post more reviews next time round.

thanks for reading!! if you like empties post, leave a link, i like to read them too (:

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