Friday, February 7, 2014

watsons haul

if you read the thursday newspaper TODAY, usually u get to see most of the promotions that different stores are having which i still dont really know why it has to be on thursday mostly, but sometimes if on other days.. what more important is that you get to really "SAVE" some money while reading these promotions!

got some really great deals at WATSONS today (:


Watsons $2 promotions is back! which i really happy about since you get to buy those small travel pack sizes at 2 dollars only, and if you buy 10 of it, you get 1 free, or 2 free if you use net flash pay! if you do a little math, so of the $2 buys are really worth the buy since it much cheaper as compare to buy few of the travel size with the original size item :D

tip for today, grab those $2 buys which are worth it! its really good to do some math before buying, it helps alot if you are really the one who like to get great saving!


first of all, Kodomo baby wipes, seriously! its super cheap since it $2 only, with 70 wipes in it plus it a good brand. its really more than just a baby wipes, there so much other purpose you can do with this wipes! like when you are on the go, you need to clean a spill or dirt on the windows or surfaces, clean away the dusts, soothe the skins and even as make-up remover!* havent try before as a makeup remover* but plently of time to test it out and see why are people buying it like crazy!

basic information stated on the packaging on this wipe:
1. ULTRA SOFT, specially made from high quality, tear-resistant, non-woven fabric for a soft cloth-like feel
2. FRAGRANCE-FREE, unscented with no harmful irritants = good for the skin
3. ALCOHOL-FREE, clean gently and effectively without stripping skin's natural moisture = plus point since some people dont like products with alcohol!
4. pH-BALANCED, gentle and neutral formulation that cares for babies and family!
well, its explain everything, since it good for the babies, it too is great for the adults too :D

see this for some purposes of baby wipes at reader digest !

got excited to buy this Umena aloe vera gel cause it only $1 for the second buy, so its like two for the price of $17.90, when one cost like $16.90! great grab right? since you save $15.90!! but well, whether its a really good grab, shall wait till i get the time to test and review about it. its 99% aloe vera, formulated with natural ingredients, which helps to moisturize, condition and restore skin to its natural moisture values *stated on the packaging*.

what more its has
1. NO PARABEN - meaning no chemical or preservatives being added!
2. NO TRIETHANOLAMINE - a substance that occasionally causes contact allergy, or may even tumor?! and what more its toxic to the environment for the aquatic species!
3. NO ARTIFICAL COLOR - if they add color, it will be with chemicals! more information about artifical colour here!
4. NO MINERAL OIL - another toxic or harmful substance to human!

well, its made in korea, and is cheap now (:

another 2nd buy at 1 dollar for Gatsby facial wipes, well, i do agree with the refreshing part it give you skin! only $3.70 for two, while one cost $2.70! and you get to save $1.70!

1. refreshes your skin (contain menthol - a compound made from herbal volatile oils that has many potential health benefits.)
2. wipes away dead skin cells
3. controls oil and prevent unwanted stickiness, which is really good since it doesnt make your face or skin oily after using or cause it to be sticky! tried afew times already and it really feel nice after wiping!
4. size fit the entire face (20cm x 20cm) its really wide and its able to stretch open which i try pulling it apart.


lastly, glow magazine, i do like reading to get more information and plus it come with free samples of the hydra tri-action and laurier super slim guard! only $2 so might as well just grab and read, though compare to previous issue, there less to read about product information but more about lifestyle and other instead. 


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