Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Loots / Samplestore

can you actually believed that i only spend $5.99 for two full size products and 2 travel size product?! hard to believe right?


well, if you like to save a buck or more, you got to check this samplestore out!

if you didnt know about it before, its basically a place where you get to choose up to 4 items samples with the maximum fee of only $5.99, samples including 1-3 days trials or 1 week, or even up the the actual size product that occasionally appear and its a fast grab! they do include free sponsored samples where shipping fees is totally free of charge, great grab right? and so simple too (:
*but is only available in singapore*

personally, i do check the site once a while to see if there any really good grabs to loot! *who wouldnt be tempted right?*
1. you get to test try the samples before getting the actual product
2. if you lucky, you can get a full retail size of the product itself which save you lots since you can choose up to 4 items for only $5.99! 
3. and you get to recycle/reuse the new designed zip-lock packaging again and again after opening! upcycle design that you get to use everything and nothing much goes to waste (:

so here my currently loots ..
1. Mentholatum Sunplay Superblock Spf130 Pa+++ (worth $3.90) - here
with broad spectrum UVA& UVB! plus its claim to be water and sweat proof, ideal for both the face and body, and made with Japan's innovative watery liquid. SPF130? that really high, the max i ever used before is only SPF56. oh well, with the current sunny weather we are having now, its really a need for high SPF sunblock to test out.

2. Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash (worth $4.20) - here
it said to be mild and non-irritating, and really help to prevent pimples effectively, also containing Isopropyl Methypenel (o-Cymen-5-ol) to fight against bacterial, plus plus Vitamin C and E = moisture retention plus anti-oxidation! *how good it claim? shall wait and see after i done with other cleansers*

3. Benecré Anti Acne (worth $15.50) - here
health supplement from USA, with Vitamin A, C, E, B-6. Zinc and Rosehip

4. Alcon Opti-free Puremoist® Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution - here
after trying this out, the current opti-free replenish solution i using is nothing compare to this Puremoist. like it stated, its really moist and its doesnt make you feel that your eyes is dry or anything, very clear and you can feel the fresh feeling when you insert the lens that is soak with Puremoist! two retail size of it cost like 30 plus, which is quite on a high side, but shall invest in this puremoist once my old batch is clear! 

$5.99 versus total of $23.60 , meaning i managed to save about $17.61! great right?! *smiles*

next two are sponsered samples *so its technically free*

5. Goodskin Labs Firm-365 ™ Facial Firming Serum - here
the sample size for this is a small tube and i find it quite cute for no reason actually, but they do come with a little pamphlet with details about the product. you can also see my review here (:  

6. Itoh Collagen Powder - here
for this sample is just one packet of the powder along with a small information booklet. you can read more here too!


so here the link again SAMPLESTORE

ciaossu (:

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