Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Loots / Samplestore

guess what i received today in the mail !!


its my loots from samplestore! only the price of $5.99 (which is the maximum shipping fee you pay for the max of 4 items), i manage to get such great loots! 

1. Itoh Black Slimming Tea  a month supply which is worth $49.90 per box!
is this great or what? u dont usually get one box from those sample stores unless they are willingly to sponsor you, so paying $5.99 for that is such a grab. cant wait to try this slimming tea, which is said to ..
Itoh Black Slimming Tea is based on king Pu'er tea and oolong tea, and supplemented with “black power”- rye, black soy beans and ten other natural plants, pure natural plants extracts to help gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate the waste of our body, and lower the percentage of cholesterol, inhibit fat assimilation and promote decomposition.
that what is stated from the samplestore website here! but is currently out of stock if you are curious to get it.

2. GKA Germkiller Surface Disinfectants  2 weeks supply which include 2 small spray bottles and 2 wipes
got this for my mommy, lets see how it will work wonders for her in the kitchen!

3. Somang Ecolinic Multi Therapy Hair Treatment Oil  1 week supply (4 sachets)
Ecoclinic multi therapy is a 100% organic hair care range. EcoClinic range contains Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin E that has moisturizing and healing properties, neutralizing free radicals and is ideal for regenerating and nourishing dry or oily hair. It also prevents hair loss and goes easy on our scalp.
time to pamper my frizzy hair! currently applying some hair vitamins i recently bought, so shall try this after finishing up the vitamins for my hair to eat! is like how people eat vitamins to keep healthy, why not like the hair eat the vitamins too? 

4. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum  7 sample sachets
well, some whitening plus moisture collection, i wonder whether if it will be effective like what it say it will help!


well, while trying to empty out my stocks, i ended up getting more things added into the collection instead. 

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