Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review : Double Effect V-Lift Mask Canola Honey by Guardian

here to review about the mask i got from guardian a week ago, which i managed to get at $2 for this two piece mask, well its actually $4.90 but since it was placed at the $2 bin with the other same type of masks (when its not supposed to be there) so the sale assistant gave me the $2 pricing instead of $4.90! what a grab right? such have take a few more pieces *typical singaporean mindset* haha ...

the mindset of "should have taken more since they put at the wrong place so pay only the wrong price so can save more" !! 

well, back to topic, this is the Double Effect V-Lift Mask Canola Honey by Guardian..

what stated on the front side of the mask packaging:
1. its Japan Patented 3D stretchable Mask : Superior Lifting, Perfect Fit. Fast Absorption
2. made in Korea3. there's indication of which is the top piece and the bottom piece for the mask

it stated at the back, that the high elasticity to promote superior adherence to skin, enhance quick absorption and deep penetration of nutrients into the skin.

to whoever is lazy to read on the photo above (:
it stated that the mask is empowered with Marine Collagen Peptide, Super HA and 5-Botanical Complex to help enjoy a V-Line face contour and restore your youth!!

Low Molecular weight pure Marine Collagen Peptide
promotes superb penetration and replenishes collage to restore skin vitality
Super HA (dont really know what it is, since they didnt explain on the mask but well...)
with powerful anti-oxidant to protect cells against free radicals, boost hydration and skin elasticity

5 Botanical Complex

comprises of Tangerine Peel, Camellia Leaf, Green tea, Orchid and Cactus extracts to soothe, moisture and brighten skin

Canola Honey extract

helps to provide essential nutrients, leaving the skin vibrant, nourished and smooth

and 100% money back guarantee? i find that it doesnt make any sense, how you do return after using the mask?


dont mind the emotionless face, was quite tired after work (:

thoughts after using -
1. i dont find it really fitting on my face even though its a two piece mask, if you notice, the hole for the eye part is really like just nice to the eye so need to adjust so the serum doesnt get into the eyes. another thing is that the mouth part is also small, so you cant really open your mouth to take a slip of water or gap for air. the bottom mask seem quite big in size for me, as there lots of folds even though i try to place it to fit my face well.
2. lots of serum on the mask, still dripping while removing it from the packaging and still moist even after 20-25 mins leaving it on the face. slight sticky feeling after removing the mask, but doesnt make my skin oily which is a good thing.
3. smell like honey, not very strong nor very sweet kind of scent. 

i will only give 2.5 / 5 rating for the mask, since i would prefer a mask that will fit well on the face . i wont really purchase it again unless its on sale ...

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