Friday, December 6, 2013

Review : Klorane Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

note -
* this post is not sponsored ! its pay by my own money and everything in this post is my own personal view after testing!! smiles *

its just going to be a short review, since 

been quite a while since i try this brand Klorane, must say i do like the shampoo very much. managed to get the 200ml bottle from my sister, while some small sample to test before buying the shampoo. is good to test products before buying the bigger bottles which is quite expensive as compare to other brands.

well, Klorane is ..
Klorane Laboratories’ philosophy is based on a passion for plants and nature. The Phytofilière®, the only chain of plant expertise of its kind in the world, was born of this philosophy and guarantees high levels of quality, efficacy and safety.Plants are central to all Klorane Laboratories business, and are the reason why our products are so effective. Explorers of the plant kingdom, there is not one extract that has not been studied to discover its potential benefits. 
Through our products, Klorane Laboratories convey a number of values: authenticitysimplicityand safety- taken from Klorane website here.

one good point is that they do not do animal testing! a brand that has a passion for plants, and well, its come with a range of plants to suit different needs to the different hair condition! my is oily scalp, so i tried the one with anti-dandruff, since dandruff is also caused by oily scalp. 


sorry for the empty bottle post, since i kind of forgotten to take a photo before using it, but well, at least there still the label.

thoughts- Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo with nasturtium extract
- anyway, after testing it on my hair, it felt quite gentle and nice fresh scent.
- even without using conditioner sometimes, it doesnt dry up your hair easily, unlike other shampoo that need conditioner so your hair will still feel soft.
- doesnt irritate mine scalp after washing, hair does feel smooth but its end still feel quite fizzy once its dry, usually i just let it air dry if i not rushing or anything.
- as compare to other shampoo i tired before this, i do find i tend to drop lesser hair in compare to the rest now, my hair does feel thicker nowadays while i washing it. guess it working well, though i cant really see what going deep close in the scalp, but it feels better now for me. 

i havent try out the small sample bottle for soothing and anti-irritant since i just finished up the 200ml one, but for the Nourishing and untangling conditioning balm with mango butter -
it distribute on the hair very easily, like moisturizer easily absorb into the skin, and the scent is mild and nice, smell like mango pomelo sago? or maybe its just me. well, it work well for the first time! all you need is to apply on towel-dried hair after shampoo, and leave it one for about 2 minutes, and rinse it off, that all.

all i need now is to wait till promotion for this brand to occur soon, * cross fingers* for me to spend $18 ++ for one bottle , i do find it expensive since i the rather cheapo kind of person now. so do check their website for more information since i do need to research more so that i will understand which will be better for my hair condition. and the website do tell you about the different hair conditions and what are the effects, etc.. is sometime good to understand more before trying them out, but i kind of did the other way round. well, after doing random products review on this blog of mine, i slowing gaining more information about all sort of products, which is a good thing for me to learn since now i find that i should love myself more and take care of me before i start to grow older.....

who know what will happen in the future. byes!


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    1. thanks for reading ^____^ and also for some little tips !! :D

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