Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Box December Edition

well, its the festive season month again!!

and i so so excited again to get to receive my second black box in a row ! lucky me i guess ... life been a bitch for me in those past few months, i try bitching it back by having such many little cheap thrills and such surprises to cheer my life up ..

enough of my thoughts, lets look at what inside inside this December edition ..



whats included inside is :

1. But, Becky Double Lifting Mask
retail price $14.90 for a box of 8 sheets
havent try out this mask from this brand, its stated that it is formulated for Asian skin, cant wait to test it! hoho :D

2. Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care)
retail price $3.30 tube of 160g
shall try this out once i done with my current toothpaste that i using, to see whether the whitening part really works.

3. Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream
retail price $28.00 for 75ml
such pleasant surprise to get another Nuxe product, this hand cream contains acacia honey for repair and nourish, argan oil and shea butter as moisturizers and many other more ingredients to help protect your hands. this cream can also be used as a pre-manicure treatment to soften the cuticles, cant wait to test it out !!

4. VDL Lumilayer Primer and Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 25, PA+++
retail price $36.00 for Lumilayer Primer, $40.00 for the Foundation
shall give these sample to my sis instead since she love to put on makeup more than me

5. Zappy Sampler Pack
retail price $2 - $5.50 per pack
another sample pack in this edition, but there different piece in this pack, which is only the baby wipe

6. Gatsby Facial Paper
retail price $2.70 to $6.90
a face wipe to cool your face with the scorching heat when you are out, especially living here in singapore where the weather is so up and down, you never know when it will rain heavily or the hot sunny sun .

7. Bio-Home Kitchen Cleaner
retail price $5.50 for 500ml
great to let my mummy use for her kitchen, a place she always will keep clean and tidy! 


well, its quite a nice surprise in this box, and what more interesting is that the pouch which is being included inside, holding those vouchers, has imprints of the festive season and its green in colour!!

more vouchers this time round ..


just hope there will be more chances in getting more new products to try out and share them here. well, thanks for reading my blog anyways! please stay tune for my future posts soon :D

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