Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review : Brands' InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip

three days ago, i started trying Brand's InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip. well, i got the free sample from samplestore, which is currently a sponsored sample by them, so if you like to try, better hurry!! since its a sponsored sample, you dont need to pay for the normal shipping fee which will get up to $5.99 (:


basic information on the packaging -
The goodness of collagen in a convenient jelly strip. Give your skin a beauty boost anytime, anywhere. BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip is specially packed to fit with your active, urban lifestyle. Compact and light, perfect for consuming on-the-go. Only 12 Kcal per strip, every delicious strip gives you the beauty treat you desire. 

anyway, this sample is a 3 day worth of supply = meaning 3 strips .. each strip consists of 1000mg of collagen!

more information ...

  1. is made in Japan
  2. micro marine collagen help to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity
  3. contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B3
  4. supports skin health
  5. has a delightful Kyoho grape taste

they also have this tag line " Nourish your skin, anytime, anywhere " which is quite a plus point since nowadays all of us are always on the go, the fast pace environment, when you can get grab a bite off this strip anytime even when you are busy.

thoughts after trying :
1. first bite taste kind of sour grape taste kind, but after the second strip, i kind of got use to the taste and enjoy it during my last strip ..
2. very easily to tear open the strip with the slit at the corner. doesnt create a mass while you slurp the jelly into your mouth.
2. taking small bites will really make it much more enjoyable while consuming such small strip, and since it small, its easily put into small bag if you like to bring it around while you are on the go.
3. jelly like is really nice, cause i do enjoy eating jelly! who doesnt? its like a childhood kind of memories that when we are small, you buy those 10cents 20 cents small pieces of cup jelly to enjoy. that what it remind me (:
4. i wont really comment much on how well my skin feel since i only consumed like 3 strips only, since i doubt there will be a big change that i will be able to notice only after 3 strips.

retail price
$28.00/10-strip pack (10s x 10g), $35.00/14-strip pack (14s x 10g)

you can get this at Watsons, BRAND'S® e-store or samplestore for the free sample too before its all gone !! and remember, if you are allergic to seafood or have any medical conditions, ask your doctor before taking it, to be safe (:

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