Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monthly Empties 01 November

finally, my first monthly empty for november!! somehow after reading so many empties post online, i really find it interesting to read them all the time, well, it really work as a motivation to finish up the products and clear space for future products!

what i mean is ...
basically, an empty post = overview of beauty products after they are being used up

so now my target for each monthly empty is to empty up at least 5 normal sized products.
1 normal sized product = 3 travel size or 5 samples/mask
that my rule for my empties! so at least when things are thrown, there will be space for new things to replace them :D


i really did try to be motivated to empty them but since it was the first time, i emptied mostly travel size products and samples. but for the month of november i ended up getting more new products on my shelf, instead of creating space! haha. anyway back to topic ..

Warning !! be prepare for a long post ..

u have been warn really! :)

total empties = 3 normal size + 4 travel size + 14 samples/mask
means i manage to hit my target for this month, but will try to increase it next time when i get more use to doing all this empties.


not really going to organize this post according to the different types, so it will be quite messy! it just going to be short reviews of all those i emptied ..

Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste
its doesnt really make wonders but it does what it say, help to clean and remove stains. i do love the berry or fruity taste the paste contains, well, the packaging is quite cute and it come with a free stickers for the phone app when you purchase this new special edition! repurchase - yes i did already bought, since its still on promotion price at $5 plus plus :)

Listerine Natural Green Tea Mouth Wash
got this free sample and decided to try it out, well, taste like green tea, a little strong dental taste for me. repurchase - for now not really, decided to try out another brand before i decide which is much better, you cant really stick to one straight away after only trying one!

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser
small travel size sample, didnt expect they give me a near expiry date which is dec 2013! but well manage to empty it before end of nov, however, didnt really quite like the scent of it, it smell like medicine, maybe it just me but well, it quite gentle to the skin i must say. however, it turn out my skin still felt oily after awhile after cleansing. repurchase - nah. smell doesnt suit me and its quite expensive for this brand.

Daiso Sole Sap Sheet : Chili Pepper (Capsaicin)
warm feeling at the start after pasting at the base of the foot. it basically for relaxation and remove body's excess moisture, though i only feel the warm and tingling feeling, not very sure about it being able to really remove excess moisture. but since it made in Japan, guess there no harm really. repurchase - maybe, but i do prefer the ion one instead of this chili piece since the tingling feeling feel quite relax.

Garnier Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam
another travel size $2 tube, is quite gentle to the skin i must say, nice smell of sakura but is quite strong so it could be quite artificially added alot to make the smell. well, it doesnt dry up my skin after cleansing non make my skin oily as compare to other cleanser. repurchase - yes, stock up 2 more of the travel size ones since its much cheaper as compare to the normal size tube.  its hasnt done any real harm to my face nor any breakout occurs after using, so shall stick to this for the mean while.

Ichikami Hair Treatment
got this sample tube from samplestore.com , if you like to get some samples, you can look at their website! the max you going to pay is $5.99, but there also free shipping for selected items, but that usually get redeem quite fast too. anyway back to this hair treatment, its quite nice smelling even after washing, love the scent, not very strong. hair felt quite smooth but still fizzy after drying. well, cant really see much effect after just one sample use. but actually this sample contain quite alot for one use, so if you are having short hair, you can use twice, just need to cap on the the bottle!

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
its my first time trying this brand, its a sample bottle, which lasted me about two week plus. its said to be no-rise & tissue-off formula, i find it quite alright, no irritation to my skin after using, its really super gentle, really! even with the no-rise, i still use water to rinse it off always. repurchase - might think about it another time.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluroic Acid Moisturizing Lotion
just sample size, still using the bigger bottle !

3W Clinic Lemon Hand Cream
done a review over here!! love it i must say  :D

Nivea Whitening Body Milk
very light and easily adsorbed into the skin, slight scent quite nice. repurchase - yes!


Opti-Free Replenish Solution
well, its does keep the moisture in the lens, so whenever i wear my lens after soaking them in this, i dont find them very dry so find it quite alright. but before this i got to try the newer one which is Pure Moist, that was way way much comfort actually. but Replenish still does the job since it cost way cheaper than Pure Moist, even though Pure Moist is way way much effective.

Bifesta Cleansing Express Sebum
love this sebum and still using it with those i stock up for the next few weeks! here my review

Watsons Anti-Bacteria Cleansing Wipes
its three packs for the price of $2, its really soak in liquid which i am surpised! haha. well, no harm in using it once awhile to clear your hands or objects with it.


Once a Week Weekly Deodorant
its come in 3 pieces per pack, which 1 will really last you for a week, its magical for me ! hehees. repurchase - yes! for lazy people who doesnt like to apply deodorant everyday or once 2 days etc, why not? when you are in a rush, sometime you might just forget or have no time to apply, so having this along is quite helpful!

Biore Nose Pack
as compare to the white one, i do think the black one is more effective in a way. but its a little more expensive than the white one. it remove the white or black heads on the nose but sometimes its not very effective in removing everything and if you dont apply and stick it properly, when you remove it, there will be black marks remaining on your face that you need to just simply wash away (:

sachet sample, has a slight to no fragrance kind, simple gentle exfoliator without any micro beads or fine granule. after using, it doesnt leave my skin dry, but quite smooth and is quite easy to use and not much of a mess. not only can you use it on your face, you also can use it on areas where there are dry skins like your arms, hands or even your feet!

Pure beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum
sachet sample, slight scent, not very strong. wasnt very sticky, quite light texture. but after awhile my skin felt itchy so i guess it doesnt work for me. its suppose to be a greate moisturizer, but lucky no outbreak after using this since i was kind of worry when my face felt itchy after applying it.

Nature Garden Nourishing by Natto
its from Beyond, got this mask from my previous gmarket haul. well, lots of serum in the mask and the pack inside even after removing the mask. face do feel sticky after using, might be because of the natto? well, that i not sure but natto is sticky food right? haha. but it doesnt smell weird so it quite alright :D

Vitamin Vital Mask Lacvert
feel refresh especially putting cold mask on the face. as usual like the other masks, there lot of serum on it, slight lemon scent.

Coony Aloe Vera Mask

Essential Nuance Airy Hair Treatment
well, i do love this hair treatment, does well to my hair, keeping it smooth and nice smelling after washing. last frizzy too! repurchase - yes!

Lassie'el Aloe Smoothing Yogurt Massage Mask
review here :D

finally done with all my empties for this month. well, it really took quite a long time just to finish up this post, but shall start working hard again in collecting my empties for december! hope i will get more empties this month since i got a full month to work it out, and well, thanks for reading this super duper long post i created! shall try to make it more interesting to read these empties post next time round!

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