Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review : Lacvert Green Tea Herb Mask

another night to pamper myself again *happy*, this time decided to try out the green tea herb mask i got from gmarket kr from last time. has been doing up some little readings around the net, and learn that ..

putting masks in fridge = more refreshing !!
especially when the coldness touches the skin when you put on the mask, it really feel very nice, personally feel this way ^_^ and i quite like the graphic photo on the package itself . hehees 

too bad it doesnt have any english information on the back of the mask, its all in korean since it made from korea :P

this is what is claims to be : (from in the internet)
1. Mask contains most natural ingredients to live up skin condition and to protect from excessive use of chemical products.
2. Formulated with plentiful essence of green tea
3. Promotes liveliness and vitality for skin

thoughts after using :
1. happy feeling & refreshing (:
2. slight scent from mask, not very strong, like!
3. lots of serum on the mask, even if u remove the mask from the packet, there actually some left inside still. skin felt quite moist after removing the mask.

4/5 for the mask! 

if you want to get this mask from gmarket kr, the link is here (:
price = 1000 won equal to S$1 plus 
* just saw the link is have discount now, like only 500 won for now. but not very how long the discount will last, so for those people who want to buy at cheap price should buy now *


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