Thursday, July 4, 2013


working for the past few days, make me think more about the future ahead of me..

is like when i was young, there nothing really much to think about but just how to pass school grades and play to enjoy personal time, but now is like u need to think about the future..


1. need to worry and think about how to maintain a healthy and balance lifestyle

its like it time to focus on which skin care product is good for the skin, which is cheap and nice to use, how to lose some weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating the right kind/amount of food especially while working now since my first week, i been working for 6 days already and finally tomoroow is my off day, while people thank god its friday, for me is TGIT = thank god its thursday! haha ... and i going to work on friday and even the weekends since i just a part timer.

mom was saying that since full time employers dont really like to work on weekends, like for saturday nights and sunday morning. haha! but for the time being for now, i shall just do enjoy this part time job of mine even though the pay is really really low, it more a experience i looking for hopefully (:

anyway the sample i receive a few days ago, used once a day for the past two nights, the cleansing oil sample was really nice to use. felt quite fresh after washing with it & using the small little bottle of the lotion make double happiness. shall buy the bigger bottle next time after getting my pay which is long way to gooo ...

2. living expenses, more towards money issues

working hard let me realised how much is it important to save for wet weather, and only buy things which are really needed. like how much to say in meals while working and then once awhile spending on books and magazines, just bought national geo and a dummies book. 

like to read this kind of earthy information magzine to gain some information, but sometime after reading these book, it just become white elephants while they are chuck aside. if only i got a bigger shelf to display all kind of books i collected together with the toys i have.

bought the dummies book to learn japanese, really want to properly learn it well so that i can fulfill my bucket-list to travel to japan at least a week or two if possible, explore most of the nature part and environment there.

need to do some planning soon and save save save for the trip! work hard and enjoy hard too! plus with the free time at night, i decided to try alittle something again, back to knitting, super basic knot, trying to practice and do random knots with anyhow knots that i think look okay but doesnt seem right at all. haha... hopefully after some practices, i will be able to come out with some pleasant looking end products.


ending the post with the 
Minion RushDespicable Me ..
game character of mine :P

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