Monday, July 1, 2013

another day

started working my part-time job for the past three days, and tml i going to work morning shift till wednesday .. its funny how my friends all seem to be looking for full time jobs with good pay and stuffs, then me here, i just unsure about what i really want to do after even studying for so long. just have the urge to do those random kind of jobs, and for a newbie in work, this 3 days have been lots of new experiences (:

other than reading some books and sketchings during random times, Sudoku is one of the puzzle that i really like to do, and plus the book from daiso is only 2 dollars with 100 pieces to play which different levels of difficulty to them. a hobby of mine just trying to keep my mind active, but not really much of my friends really like doing them and i dont understand why they dont like playing with sudoku when it really so much fun to play (:

another diy bracelet with a different pattern but still with the same colour nuts ...

1. started with the knot, but this time learning from the past mistake, while cutting the twine, only cut one end and then just remain the other end. 

2. this pattern uses 4 cords ..

3. only uses 2 nuts since i over tied too many square knots, but still look nice too me :D

4. end the bracelet knot with another 2 nuts to create a pattern on it. 

another diy end product done, but kind of overshot with the length for this bracelet, thus ending with a long ending knot. shall slowing practice more and then soon i hope i will get a whole collection of different kind of diy bracelets and bowties at home :D

off to bed now to sleep since tml morning shift, need more rest ):

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