Friday, July 26, 2013


havent been updating this blog for quite this week, but quite fulfilling week for me i guess with the little creations and findings i did for the few days...
1. random creation of a bow tie
2. a small pouch ( for coins maybe? created with no actual purpose but just for test try )
3. found more little caterpillars in dad mini garden & its really interesting since i manage to finally caught the stage before it turn green in color, with the horns on it body ^_^
4. diy little pom pom, but didnt do a proper job since it wasnt that fluffy enough ):
5. watched pacific rim, make me dream of creating my own robot one day ( " , ) recommended to watch if u like robot actions!

and to my surprise last week, my mom got me the little yellow minion (*^▽^*) 

credit to the photo that my mom took to show me the little minion, just kind of like the layout of the photo that she took, kind of make little minion look cute in the photo (*´▽`*)!! but to my surprise is that people are really crazy enough to queue up for the little minions just like the hello kitty craze period that happen before this minion craze. just feel sad for those little kids who just want to get their minions toys for the weeks but got those other slightly less nice-looking kind of toys after the minions got sold out..


and lastly, good new is that my little potato is growing up well from the look of it ( :

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