Tuesday, July 2, 2013


meeting up with jamie & reg after morning shift, dinner at jamie house and then learning how to do those crochet thingy, but end up doing a small little ball size like a cherry with all random knot tying together and not following the exact patterns to follow. while both of them did quite good except me.

with morning working shift for this week, i guess i could spend some time tomorrow and get some materials to start some practice, and use my time wisely.

and coming back home to receive letters is so much exciting (:

the free samples from hada labo ! havent got the time to try the samples yet ):

torn side of the letter, but at least nothing is missing i guess .. but at least the stamp they use is still there intact, still fully to be kept as a collection .

3 samples of cleansing oil & 1 9ml bottle of moisturizing lotion ( kind of cute for the little small bottle )

did a simple quick finger drawing on jamie ipad, with the app PAPER.. making me feeling more like getting a ipad soon so that i can play with more drawings and design my project: Ribots. need to work more and then when pay day come, i can get to enjoy the hard earn money for the first time i earn :D

need more practice !!

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