Saturday, July 6, 2013


i the kind of simple lazy kind of person, typical me but starting to slowly starting to learn learn more about the skin type and need to focus abit of the growing process now..

anyway this shall be my very first buying & use of the brand KATE and bb cream, first time using & still liking it since its not sticky or anything, blend quite easily too..

plus dad plants have gotten another mr caterpi, but this look like the previous one however slightly smaller in size. its funny how dad is really amazed by how the caterpillar appear from one plant to another, like since there isnt any connecting link between the plants, but it still manage to cross from one plant to another, from the middle pot to the one at the end, which is like 2 pots away...

guess what dad say about how mr caterpi travel...

his reply was maybe the mother butterfly appear to transport mr caterpi from one plant to another.

its just kind of cute & funny how dad could think of such answer for this. its nice & great to have such a dad who funny at times, & easily amazed by such small little insects too! hehees ..

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