Tuesday, July 16, 2013

gmarket haul :D

Just received my package from g-market today, took about a week to receive all these. felt really happy to receive this package, you know, like how when we were younger we like to receive presents or letters, or maybe it just me..

but felt kind of addictive to shop online, especially some of the low prices for all the things. plus this is my very first time shopping on the korean g-market (:

opening the box and 4 separated smaller parcels, at least the parcels are well-packed! big box got alittle hole but phew~ nothing inside is damage  ^__^

1[엔프라니] Tea Cafe Mask Sheet
got four different flavors to try (:

2. [LG생활건강] Lacvert mask pack / Aritaum / Beyond / Mamonde / Leaders /
very curious about the natto mask, really wonder how it will smell like while using .. haha

3. Coony
this is really considered cheap to me, is like a dollar plus for one piece of mask. just 21,500 won for at least 20 + 2 extra free pieces to test try !

4. Holika Holika : Pig-nose clear black head cleansing sugar scurb
can't wait to test try on the black heads!

each only cause about 1,310 won, which is less than 2dollars sin! bought 5 pairs and got 1 free, feel like getting more to add into the collection of my socks, maybe one day should take photo of the different kind of socks i have then do a collage! haha ...

quite impressive with the quality of the products, especially the socks i got. cheap and nice! cant wait to try on the different masks over the next few nights. happy (:

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