Thursday, June 27, 2013


decided to try out the d.i.y. bracelet with nuts .. 

1. spraying the nuts with colors from my junk collection of spray cans (which is bought during school days), didnt really do a proper job of spraying it well, but it turn out to give a little rough rusty feeling i guess. 

2. used the normal twine for the bracelet, but should have dye it black or use a black string for it instead, might look nicer than the current white yellowish one. 

 3. tie tie and tie .. didnt really actually follow the instructions shown on the website, but still it look fine i guess. hehehes .. row by row, maybe the next one i should do according to the instructions which is overlay one another which might look nicer. 

4. end the bracelet with a nut and a knot, unlike last time when i try doing, i just left it with its end dangling .. now realized the need to have a knot at the end so that it will stay on the hand ! 

Okay! so i done with the end product. guess i need more work on the crafty side, handy work, especially on the both ends which needed to tie knots to hold. at least i completed something today! but sad thing is Mr Caterpii is missing again this whole day and i cant find it, only found another small white egg i guess, look like just one white round dot ball, maybe another little small caterpillar? hmms .. why does mr caterpii only appear when dad looking for it? dad found it yesterday night, but morning missing, afternoon mia ...

no more the photo journal of mr chubby green caterpii ..

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