Thursday, June 27, 2013


found this little fat mr caterpi on dad's plant on monday morning, its not the first time seeing insects but first time seeing such chubby and green caterpillar biting on the leaf. at least i did manage to take a few photos on the first two days but wednesday morning it gone into hiding, but dad managed to find it again during night time that it re-appeared again.

really excited hopping that mr caterpi will grow up soon into a beautiful butterfly, just hope i in time to catch a glimpse of the transformation process of it growing up. and it pooping while munching on the leaves, and it eat half or more of the leaf in half a day, which mean if it doesnt grow up soon into a cocoon, the plant is going to be botak :P haha!

and my random-ness, i decided to grow mr potato too. took about a week plus to grow the bud and then transfer from the cotton wool, then plant into the soil...

guess one of the to-do-list is to grow and design a mini garden, to fill up the greenery part in the house (:

i starting my part time job soon, just wonder what it like to work and do my random craft work, learning how to do sewing and other craft works. been studying for the past many years, for now, this is kind of my first time job, if you dont include working for internship during school or selling books in the past in my secondary school to help bookshop aunty. and i need to start thinking what i want to do in the future while working this part time job ...

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