Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: 3W CLINIC - Lemon Hand Cream

havent been updating my blog for quite a long time already. there has been quite lots of down for the last past month, but nowadays is been up so i having more mood to try out more products to blog about.

note -
* this post is not sponsored ! its pay by my own money and everything in this post is my own personal view after testing!! smiles *

what more happy than to pamper oneself during the summer/raining crazy changing environment like singapore? what more is to get cheap pricing for a hand cream with 100ml?! decided to test out this hand cream by 3W Clinic, which cost like only $2 now in watsons!!

so basically this brand is from korea, and what's more is from korea too. sorry but i the kind who prefer using brands that are from their origin countries, since it *feel much safer* i guess.. there a few choices for the hand cream, like lemon, acacia, olive or snail. but decided to take one to look at what inside before getting the rest before the offer is gone ~

by the way, it come in a box packaging, this is the tube without the box!
1. it stated that it maintains moist for a long time and also adds radiance on the hand for long time, due to its fresh texture.
2. rich long lasting scent..
3. lemon extract with excellent moisturizing effect quickly absorb on the skin, and form skin protection layer so it makes the rough hands to soft and smooth.

good packaging since it seal up inside, which some product doesnt have any sealing so it make me wonder whether did other take a little out to sample .. just a thought, but dont you get that kind of thinking? maybe i think too much, but some time i do see people opening up the bottle, test a little, then put back, even though they are not suppose to do so .. but at the end of the day, no one knows ( "_ )

thoughts after trying
1. i do find the opening a little small as you can notice the amount on my palm *there's two rows* so you do need to squeeze more out slowly .. PRO - unlike other with bigger opening, it wont squeeze out too much if you accidentally squeeze too much .. CON - small opening = slightly more time to squeeze the amount you want (:
2. nice smell , but doesnt really last long as stated on the tube itself. *but it could be the amount i put on my hand is little.. * then again, there's perfume stated in the ingredients inside, so i guess that why it smell so nice.
3. it easily adsorb into the skin after applying on, and its not oily after. that one up point for this! especially when you need to do work after, you wouldnt like to have oily finger/hand prints all over the places :P

3.5 / 5 for the cream ..
- price is really cheap for now if you get it from watsons, which is only $2 dollars. i not sure about other shops, but i did try to check online, which sell more than $8 and above etc ..

and yes,
i currently now more towards the cheapo kind of person, not saying that i will buy cheap items, but i working towards finding cheap/reasonable pricing and good product at the same time. money minded i guess, but by spending less on something, you can get to spend on more items right? who wouldnt like good and cheap things?


  1. Nice! I am making a post about the olive hand creme right now haha :D

    1. hello :D thanks for reading !! shall try the olive one another time too after reading your !! :D

  2. Hi, where can I find 3W Clinic items in SG?

    1. Hello (: i bought this from watsons, however, i think they only carry the creams. they got a different range now, with aloe vera & snail types. hope it helps !


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