Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review : Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Sebum

note -
* this post is not sponsored ! its pay by my own money and everything in this post is my own personal view after testing!! smiles *

even felt lazy that you need to remove your makeup first before you can clean your face?

if you are like me who sometime forgets a step, or prefer to skip a step on your facial routine, guess you got to try the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Sebum. Its a cleansing lotion, by mandom corp,

basic information of the brand from the mandom,
This cosmetics brand is beauty made simple. "Beauty any way you want it" is our tag line for Bifesta, which offers convenient, yet highly effective, products for today's women who have busy social and work schedules. The Bifesta line focuses mainly on skin care products.

i started off trying one of the sample i got from the store, which is the cotton type sample, said on the packaging that the product is cotton soaked with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion SEBUM (300ml bottle). got to say that this sample is really fully loaded with the lotion.
comes in four variants; 
Moist for dry and sensitive skin, Sebum for combination-oily skin, Brightup for dull and flaky type, and Agecare for mature skin.
after trying it out, i do love how it feel so simple, just like using water to clean your face. all you need is to just pump or pour some onto the cotton pad, the simply wipe your makeup face till it's fully clean from  all the makeup. for just simple makeup, 1 cotton will be enough , but for heavier makeup, it recommended to change cotton and repeat the process till it full clean (:

plus point of this, is that it works both as a facial wash and toner. so it's like killing two birds with one stone, so all you need is just to buy a single product instead of two. and even the small bottle and the sample are made in japan! another plus point for this ! after using, you wont feel dry or oily, since is water based and its fragrance and alcohol free.

4/5 for this cleansing lotion (:

if you are thinking about saving a little money, the small bottle, which is 50ml, cost about $2 now that is currently available in watsons. the bigger bottle is around 16 dollar plus, which is 300ml. so if you get 6 of the small bottles as compare to 1 big bottle, u still can save $4 for now. plus small bottle for me can last about 2-3 weeks since i dont really use much, and if you travel around, its best to buy the smaller bottle so you dont need to find an empty bottle too.

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