Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curel's Samples

happy girl i am currently, since the curel sample has arrived to my house a week ago. haven't really got to try this sample given yet, but who would thought that they will send in 4 little small bottles :

1. Body Wash
2. Moisture Milk
3. UV Protection Milk
4. Moisture Hand Cream

what more is they are all make in japan. plus they include a little booklet to tell you more about the products and how and why using their product will benefits your skin, especially for sensitive skin. 

their product range from skin care - body care - scalp and hair care. also give a instruction page to tell first time user like me how to use and the ingredients inside those products ( even though i dont really get the ingredients parts with all the chim scientific  names :P ) and where are the selected stores for watsons and guardian.

hurry to their website at facebook to redeem your sample here.
if i remember correctly, the samples given are different according to question you answer or something else. well, cant wait to try this set out (:

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