Friday, November 1, 2013

October's loots

just want to tell myself how lucky i really felt this month of October. one reason could be its my birthday month, or just the believe of good things will happen after going through the bad and sad times. Guess this month i did spend quite a lot, but at the same time i quite lucky to win and get lots of super free loots too!!

so if u do follow my instagram, u will know that i got really lucky in winning 2 lucky draws:

1. $20 Parco voucher
unexpected win from facebook :)

seriously, i thought that i was dreaming when i received the message on my phone that morning to collect the tickets i won for running man. plus is like one chance out of the many people who also want to win, and i only spend like 60 dollar, and i cant really imagine how people could spend like 2k just to win those ticket. to spend that 2k in less than 2-3 weeks for the CAT 1 tickets, wouldnt it be better to actually buy the ticket itself? but who cares, they spend that amount and are happy to get the tickets. well .. this is really the greatest surprise in this month, cant say i more happy and content with this CAT 2 tickets i won.

next, i won a free treatment at yun nam hair care from a survey that i did online .. i totally had no idea what kind of survey it was or where the survey was from even if i try to remember. anyway since it come with a free treatment plus a 3 free travel size bottles, why not ? well , is a good thing it was free, but the bad thing is i get to know about the condition of my head, but now with the information after the treatment, i shall treat myself with more care (:

travel size kit consist of ginseng shampoo, conditioner and nutritional lotion, plus a travel pouch & instruction street (:

got myself some free hada labo ES range, from this samples included with free shipping so i got the whole set, lucky me since now it out of stock. it consist of milk, lotion, make-up remover and cleansing foam (from left to right). didnt expect them to send such big bottle, since usually free samples = small little packs for few days of usage. but cant wait to try out since this range is targeted for sensitive skin users, if i not wrong :P

some free samples i got from watsons day member sale goodie bag after spending !! samples are made in korea! plus point to watsons .. haha (:

got this free amplifying lotion 118ml bottle from CLEO giveway .. its from US! i mean it made in USA, plus its not tested on animals, so its friendly to the environment i guess ..

got this free travel kit (include shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toning foaming scrub, cream) from the promoter during the sale, havent try before this series of brand, but been eyeing for a sample to try out to see how it work on me. trying out free sample set first is better than buying the product first just in case you dont like the product, then you wont regret buying it.. what great about this brand is that is from France (:

got a few samples of Cure and little tubes bottle of 3D face lifting mask by Bio-essence. and a free Refresh tears bottle after purchasing the promo pack of 3 ..

really cheapo me, cause i got these masks at watsons during the member sale, and its buy 1 get 1 free!! so i decided to buy 4 each to try since its 1 for $2, so i got 8 masks at the price of only $8. the masks (EGF Platinum Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask) are from Dr. Morita, a Taiwan brand.

well, i did bought more than what seen here. but well .. i really content for whatever good things has happen, and hope it will carry on be like this and will work harder, it really cheer up me when i get to see mails of samples in my mailbox. well it like getting free presents and the joy of opening them, other than opening letter of bills. haha! cant wait to see what November will bring , especially 22th november, ONE OK ROCK concert! happy girl for now (: 

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