Thursday, November 21, 2013

November's Haul #01

just had to do a little shopping haul at the local stores, most of the items inside this post is only $2 which got me tempted to buy them and try them out !! so currently my storage is quite filled up with quite a amount of products, thus it time to restrain myself till i start to empty some of them! but again who know when the price will change and get back to their own original prices :P

these are most of the items i bought for this month, but there still alittle more not shown in this photo, but shall still share ...


travel sized St. Ives body lotions, got the oatmeal shea butter, collagen elastin and vitamin E types, there more little tubes at Guardian. its only at $2 for 59ml, good for travel and if you like to test the product first before you spend more on the bigger size bottle (:

next is NIP+FAB pistachio sundae body butter, been wanting to try out after reading review on it being likable and more, and the butter itself is literally lime-green colour! the scent is a little strong for me, but well, it really quite easy to be adsorb into the skin after rubbing it around the skin. just testing for the first time, shall hope my skin is able to take it well ! and it bought at Watsons, for the price of $2 for a 50ml container.

this was at discounted price, but i kind of forgotten the price actually, well it consider quite a grab at The Body Shop! i do love the wild rose scent of the cream.

havent heard of this brand Lassie'el at all, but it made in Korea, and these 3 masks are at the total price of $6 for all three, while it originally cost about $8-$10. the sale assistant there say its on promotion, i shall *believed* in that idea, instead of them trying to get rid of stocks. but well, shall try these soon!

sole sap sheets from daiso! $2 grabs, well, i tried the ions (blue packaging) it did felt nice, mentally maybe? but it really nice once in awhile to try out all this.

another grab from daiso, body cream with grapefruit fragrance. Its made in Japan and $2 for this size, why not? :D  


masks set! got this set from Watsons, havent try My Beauty Diary before, since i still trying to finish up my previous masks from the gmarket haul i got last time! hehees. well, for the price of $15 or so, you get 12 different types all inside the box, which i think its much better than them selling one whole set, cause will different types, you get to try different ones and pamper your skin in different way (:

well, guess that all !

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