Monday, November 4, 2013

Review : Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

note -
* this post is not sponsored ! its pay by my own money and everything in this post is my own personal view after testing!! smiles *

remember previous post i took photos of my loot? i decided to try out the Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask, the one that cost $2 usually but i got 4 for the price of $4 total ..

its from Dr. Morita, a Taiwan brand.
Dr Morita is a popular mask brand in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. It is known as Mask Expert (面膜專家) due to its Medical Grade Masks and their use of natural ingredients in their products.
if you want to know more, just visit their facebook page here (:

There's english instructions at the back, thus it good for those who doesnt read chinese word well like me, yes, my chinese is horrible!! that i only can blame myself who doesnt study hard in the past :( but well, back to topic ..

As shown, it stated that in addition of containing more hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing properties, it also include cucumber extract, ceramide, marine collagen, licorice, seaweed and other natural composite moisturizing ingredients. which say to ensure all-day hydration for your skin and effectively smoothes out fine lines and prevent aging of the skin.

thoughts after using:
1. if you notice the photo above, this mask is fully loaded with lots of essence! seriously, i havent seen or use before a mask that contain so much essence, even when i remove the mask from the pack and let it stay on my face after 15 mins, its still feel very moist and wet!!
2. nice scent, not very strong (:
3. moist feeling skin, not very sticky. love it!
4/5 for the mask!

- note to people who has sensitive skin or allergies !!
doing some research online, its say to be suitable for all skin type, but do take note that it stated on the pack that if you are allergies to some ingredients, is better to test it on your arm first before putting it on your face, since main ingredients are from natural extractions!

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