Saturday, November 9, 2013

Petit Belle Masks Haul

I love using masks, but i not the kind of person who will use them everyday.

what more  ♥  is to be able to find a dollar mask being sold, is really a good grab especially when its also made in korea. so i bought 4 pieces since i still got a lot at home. those masks are sold at Nice Cosmetics & Essentials Pte Ltd, a shop located at Hougang 1, if you like to visit for some cheap masks :)

Petit Belle, a korean brand. but i not really familiar with this brand, cant really find much information about this brand on the internet either. anyway, there five different pieces for this essence masks, but only manage to find four of them.

these are the different essences/ skin type :
1. Lavender & Juniper Berry / For Combination or Oily skin
- Purifying, smoothing and control sebum
2. Broccoli & Celery / For All Skin Type
- Anti-oxidant, detox and anti-aging
3. Black ( Bean, Sesame & Rice ) / For All Skin Type
- Revives Tired / Dull / Dehydrated skin
4. Oatmeal & Whole Wheat / For Sensitive skin
- Anti-oxidant, calming and vitalizes immunity cells
5. White Rice & Brown Rice- unsure of what the benefits since i didnt get to find it. but it could be for whitening purposes. (saw the inform on a online shop.)

shall try and then review them another day (:

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