Wednesday, August 14, 2013

gmarket #02 haul !

pardon my lazyness of not blogging in this blog for quite some time :)

its been awhile since i received my package from ! second time arrive to my house while i out for alittle error, then end up needing to queue at the post office, especially on a saturday! long queue even out to the entrance area, which i dont understand why got so many people, but maybe cause of the timing too. * me still can remember this long queue but can forget about other stuffs -___- !! *

this time lesser items bought since mom was complaining about my online spending ):  when in fact i dont really spend much outside other than food and other daiso shopping & craft items. hehees .. but i still do find it cheaper to buy online instead of going to the shops, even after adding in the shipping cost (:

bought a total of 9 items, actual cost was 58,910 won, which is about sgd 66.90 including (:

no reason to explain why i actually bought this set of lipbam, guess it the packaging that was quite attractive ? set of 2 for the price of 8,900 won (about sgd 8.22) no idea how it will be like, but hope it will turn out alright (:

actual price 8,800 won (about sgd 8.12), but got sale so is 6,160 won which is only $7!! a dollar cheaper but still save abit (:

actual price of this was 9,800 won (about sgd 9.05) but i got this during the discounted period and it cost only 4,900 won which is only $5.55! save at least 3 - 4 dollars at least, and this is cheaper than the other hair remover brands that i try before. 

Review : really nice to use, come with only a sponge for removing the short little small hair on the skin after applying. got the one for sensitive skin instead of the normal one. just one thing is that its all in korean, even the instructions, so had to do a little research online to translate :P

which is really simple, before shower, just apply on the areas you want to remove the little small hairs, then wait about 90 seconds to about 3 minutes, then wet the sponge to remove the hair and rinse your skin with water. just remember not to leave it over 5 minutes, guess it will burn the skin maybe? they really didnt say but guess it better to follow (: quite easy to use & really nice smelling, plus skin feel smooth after using !!

actual price 700 won (sgd 0.80), but it was on discount , so it cost only 560 won about 65 cents? just bought only one to test try only .. 

actual price 1,500 won (sgd 1.70), bought it around 1,200 won, which is only $1.36. 

another set of mask again . hehees ^___^
suppose to be about 1000 won each, so decided to bought two each and its only 2,800 won for 4 pieces discounted price!! so its like 75cents to 80 cents per piece!

Review : decided to try the raspberry mask, and it smell quite nice not too strong. plus the mask sheet isnt too thick, was just nice  ^__^  lots of serum inside with the mask !

here the back instruction (: 

another discounted item, actual price is 3,500 won , about 4sgd, but got it at the price of 2,450 won, which is less than 3 dollars!! hehees (:

last item on the list. the discount is still going on for this which is only 9,900 won about 11 sgd! normal price is 30,000 won! consider a really good offer since the package come along with 5 different color in one set, there two set to choose from, and a small sharper inside the box. the tin container really look cute & you can remove the plastic inside the tin so that you can put it in your bag and carry around with other small items together ^___^

can find more photos if you click on the link & check them out (:

feel happy since most item is bought during the sale period and now, most of the item is back with the normal pricing. but if you like to save money, do check the site for sale & discount period! really help to save a little (: end up saving about 30 plus dollar but if minus the shipping than still save only about 10 dollars! quite reasonable . but its time to wait till my next pay day before another shopping spree ~

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