Friday, August 9, 2013


been away from this blog from quite a long period.. but while this period of time, been busy with trying out different craft work like hama beads to create different patterns ..

work rest sleep & eat .. my daily routine unless during my off days
the part time job life has given me sight to many different kinds of people, nice & nasty people . but at least given me sight to how different people react and does stuffs, and the best advice i got from my mama is,

" Acting stupid, is smarter than explaining one self .. "

shall learn from the past experience and try not to make the same mistakes, way of life ... 
& i losing touch on my sketching skills, feel so less motivated to sketch and do my resume, which i need to finish up with my portfolio asap so that i can slowly find a full time job ):  need to find that time & motivation to do a good job with it . but i using the free time to learn crafting & relax only.

anyway, managed to explore a few shops at chinatown & bought some craft materials and these few little charms objects .. and best of all, those are really cheap i guess, since the shop was selling them at either buy 1 get 1 free or discounted prices ! but my main objective was not fulfill, which is to find the hama beads, which i got my at ikea only got limited color range. any idea anyone? hehees

shall update more stuffs next time when i less busy with craft work, since i accidentally deleted the photos i supposed to post on the phone ):

things to be posted soon, hopefully :
1. My second korean gmarket items & Pure Source sheet mask - raspberry review ( i going to try another one before reviewing, since my first use was a little tinkling pain for a sight moment which i so unsure about it, but after using felt okay. so funny )
2. Bye bye wrinkles collagen eye masks ( bought at guardian today at only 2.30 dollars, original price 2.90 but i not sure if other places there cheaper, but shall try! the illustration of panda look kind of funny cute.. )
3. Hama beads collection of what i have done for the past few weeks!!

ciao ..

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