Monday, June 17, 2013

break time

its been quite awhile since i last update this blog of my...

i finally done with my gundam shin musha. like two years ago till now, hehees .. at least one done from the check list, now it time to find a place to display it and then save money and get more and more.

movable parts, as a product design student, i notice more and more about those movable joints ..

with the time i have now, i manage to complete the Inferno book by Dan Brown, now next book, girl with the dragon tattoo then hornet nest next and more and more .. wonder one day if i can have a room fill with all different kind of books, layers over layers, all the shelf just with book, like those old library places or bookstore. 

mummy bought green tea flavor cupcakes, so i decided to try cutting it into half and eat it up. it does really taste nicer i guess, or maybe it just basically taste nice itself (:

sketch sketch ...

waking up early to cook breakfast with eggs with tomato and crab sticks! its really nice once awhile to wake up early, which is impossible for me, and cooking breakfast with stuffs that can be found in the fridge...

lunch buffet with family, nice food but service was a little slow plus waiting of food and missing orders really mia that never appears .. nice place, not really worth the second time going since the quality of food doesnt taste nicer if u order after the 2nd orders, hais .. nice food and place but what a waste, is like they say buffet but al cart, then after u order, order didnt come then when u ask, all they reply is u didnt order at all and acting like they were trying to figure out where the order go ..


started on a person project for my own portfolio & some practices before deciding the way i looking for to really start the working life, whether if i want to continue the path i took .. i wonder if i can open my individual place/store to sell random craft or art pieces if can. this project is titled Ribots, mainly illustrations about robots designs using tablet to draw and paint in Adobe Illustrator, hopefully will try other programs like opencanvas or photoshop if i get to learn them better since i more of a AI user than a PS user.

need more more practices !! aiming for at least 4 - 5 pieces a week, minimum at  least 3 once a week..

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