Monday, February 4, 2013


friday outing with gall & his family plus jamie ! they came over for a few day visit to singapore and the 4 of us dinah, jamie, me and wenda took different turns to bring them around, i took friday to skip school and went with jamie with them to go around few places in singapore. started off from jamie house & had the porridge out jamie house before heading off to URA gallery. took quite alot of photos, and its like spam spam spam but will only post some photos here... 

jamie & grumpy face kirana

kirana crying when her dad went off & left alone with jamie!

baby kirana love to push her baby trolley whenever she walks

picks and grab wadever she likes

grumpy grumpy girl

next stop after URA gallery was chinatown, a short stop at the hawker center for a tea break with white carrot cake, yummy yummy! haha. too bad no tim sum that day but still food was nice there. need to visit chinatown again to look for some cheap cheap stuffs there at the end corner nears the road side, hope still got cheap cheap pricing. after chinatown was garden by the bay, that where i really spam lots of photos taking plants photos! 

cloud forest was really really nice environment especially on the level 3 when its cool and the mist only occur at that level. next time will sure visit this dome again, but it will be years later so that there will be more plants grow it it. haha!

shadow with three different lighting

lots of interacting screen to play around with and informations

the night time at garden by the bay is really really nice especially at the big big trees areas! really want to go back there one more time to walk around the outside part of the gardens. will update other stuff soon (:

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