Thursday, December 27, 2012

wreck it! wreck it!

the movie wreck it ralph was really interesting animated movie, with most of the different kinds of games' characters inside and different style of animations, showing the evolution of gaming in arcade. though the movie only show three main kind of gaming, but it kind of show the whole concept of arcade growth. first was a game machine called Fix-it Felix, and Wreck it Ralph is the bad guy while the good guy is Felix. 

interesting was the part when all the bad guys gathered together, kind of cute and funny especially the part when wreck it ralph say he doesnt want to be the bad guy anymore, the pac man icon turn blue and every other start to panic!! haha.. but face the truth, without bad guys in the stories, there wont be any good guys in the first place. so it like even bad guys do play a big role in the stories, without them, the game will be incomplete.

even though ralph is the bad guy in his game, he kind of the opposite from being a bad guy. 

interesting is that the cables and plugs are like connectors for the game characters, and display as the subway , a portal to every game and if a different character go to a different game, and die if he dies. the main plug connector is the main subway while the cables are like tunnels. imagine it really happen in the real world but we wont know since they are all in the world of their own. it will be so cool if you can really travel into such dimension to explore. its really a nice family movie, and today at the theater, it full ! 

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