Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas eve

though my christmas eve wasnt that interesting like one else, at least got a chance to watch a movie today, even if it just a 2 hours one, one movie down and still more to go! will there be more chances to watch movies again?

a movie that should be watch (:

Action-packed: Chan in a scene from his new movie CZ12.

especially the starting part when he using the modern designs as his equipment, not much a futuristic movie like the past but it so amazing! really amazing to watch his old kind of shows & when the movie really consists of quite a few number of random people inside, and he just use his own name in the movie as JC! nice nice nice. 

CZ 12

this is one of the cool part too! when he (so called) touches the zodiac heads, then at the other side, his team was prototyping the heads out in quick speeds! like wow! imagine the school workshop has such the kind of machine to work with so that we can easily do our model out without much difficulties. though it really ex with the machine and materials, but at least we will get our model done in time. haha! hope there will be more of jackie chan movie in the future with his old kind of laughs like this movie (:

at least i got to have some time during christmas eve! shall now spend my christmas day gaming! HOHOHO! MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE (:

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