Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review : Garnier Duo Foam Cleanser

its another of my 2 dollars loots again, this time round is about Garnier Duo Foam Cleanser... its great to find travel size product of new launch item out in the market to test try first before getting the actual one, plus smaller tube means you can throw away & not hurt your pocket much if its doesnt work well *smile*

usually you see in the market is cleanser mainly has one main function and not really much duo kinds for the mass market. got interested in the duo function it has so why not just grab and try right?

Garnier Duo Clean has 2 different types, 
1. Rice = Whitening + Pore Minimizing2. Minerals = Whitening + Oil control

whitening + pore minimizing , seem quite interesting right?

whats is it?
this duo cleanser is enriched with Black Rice and White Rice extracts, which are known for their skin renewal properly and nourishing power, and helps to tackle dull skin and enlarged pores.

with the current haze and hot sunny unpredictable weather, its really bad for the skin and body, so washing face is important especially with so much haze around, dirt can easily be trap in the skin meaning breakout can easily occur! plus enlarged pores easily trap dirt.. so this is where the duo cleanser come in *smiles*


after thought?
this cleanser smell quite sweet, just simply sweet but not like cooked rice. when you squeeze it out, its half black grayish and half white creamy texture, which is easily lather with wet palm. it does help to clean the face well, and doesnt make it feel dry or any irritation. though i dont really see much of the whitening and pore minimizing effect yet, time will tell whether it really work, but one thing for sure, i do feel my face brighten up and refresh after using.

repurchase? maybe since it smell quite sweet *love*, but still depending the results *since i only started using for a week plus* and i still got other to try out. but its cheaper to get the travel size at $2 since the actual tube cost $9.90 usual price 

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