Sunday, October 12, 2014

10 happy things that made my week!

looking forwards to each weekends these day, and its already Sunday. every week been passing by so quickly, and time is one thing that cant be rewind, so at least i need to try to make full use of my weekends since i cant really do much during the weekdays due to the 9-6.30 work life... moving forwards, i shall start this weekly challenge : 10 happy things that made my week! to remember all the happy and positive things in life.

. . .

1. got to read finished 1001 Facts That Will Scare The S**T Out Of You, lots of interesting facts that one might not get to learn from textbook! found this book in the library, so will be trying to find some time again to go there and find more interesting books to read. its not something that i will actually do in the past, but now things have change.

2. bought 2 pom pom makers to play around with *smiles*

3. managed to survive 12 days of my spending ban!! another 18 days to go before i get to spend since there's extra bonus points for birthday month @ watsons.

4. finding time to re-watch an old hong kong drama series, Forensic Hero I & II. well, if you do like old crime solving dramas, this can be one drama to be watch!

5. getting a cup of iced tea every morning before work, plus the store aunty remember my order so all i need to just say hi to her and wait for my iced tea. not everyone will try to remember each order right?

6. i managed to learn to cook porridge! i swear its really my first time since i got diarrhea this week, so stuck at home. not bad for a first try though it was boil till there's little water left. 

7. getting to spend time with my parents on alternated nights after work for dinner

8. mom save 2 small sweet potato to add into my mini garden project, working on this garden take a bit of hard works, but i guess its all worth it plus plants can help to keep the plant clean too *smiles*

9. another self dyed hair again, however, this time was slightly different as my hair turn more smooth after using it instead of being damage, though the hair color wasnt that bright as i saw on the packaging but still since alright. cause usually if you self dyed, the hair will feel more dried at the start, but its so weird. oh well..

10. lastly, staying up early till super *early in the morning* 3am and waking up late in the afternoon during the weekends. i'm a night owl, but i cant be that during the weekdays. so weekends is when i get to recharge!

. . .

well, its the little things that make one happy, so whats yours? *smiles*

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