Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review : Moist Diane Hair Oil Moroccan Argan Oil

in one of my recent haul, i manage to get my hands on Moist Diane Hair Oil, and its in a travel size bottle only costing $2 at watsons. it looks kind of cute in a smaller version as compare to the actual size one, and i couldnt expect that they would sell them too! *smiles*

well, compare the pricing to Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, Moist Diane Hair Oil is a cheaper alternative if you looking for a good hair oil... usual cost for the 60ml bottle is $18.90, so getting it at $2 for 20ml is really a good grab!

. . .

short intro, Moist Diane is a Tokyo-based brand, which is all about their oil-based haircare products! their oil shampoo and conditioners are lauded for the incredible job they do in removing grease, buildup and impurities.

Moist Diane Smooth Hair Oil contains Moroccan Argan oil that help transforms dehydrated an dunruly hair to soft, shiny and lightweight in just one application. plus, not only is lightweight for a hair oil, there's no stickiness or greasy after feel. its smell great too by the way *smiles* but one down thing is the opening, u will need to tilt a few times in order to get a couple of drops to apply on your hair since its opening is a little small.

another great thing about it, is that is made in Japan, even this little travel size hair oil too! 

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