Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hair Care Picks

back with another hair care pick for the month, this time round there's slightly more added into my current favorite since i cant decided one so why not just share all that i find good ..

well, for a person who seldom goes to the salon to pamper her own hair, i try to take good care of my own hair at home *smiles* some might say its better to go salon once a while to touch up and maintain the hair, but if you get a cheaper alternative to do that at home why not?

one reason for not visiting the salon is cause i just find myself being lazy, given the waiting period and just sitting there looking at someone else touching your hair. plus nowadays its hard to get cheap and good pricing, its either very good service but high cost or low cost = poor result .. at least testing at home let u try an error all the time *smiles*


first, lets introduce Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask, at the start, i didnt really fancy the weird scent it has, but after using it, i kind of loving its sweet nutty scent now especially how it help to maintain my hair keeping it hydrated and smooth plus a little silky. usually i will leave it on for about 10 minutes or longer, though sometimes slightly shorten period will also give me positive results after using.

Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner (review post here), after using this, my hair is in a much better conditioner than before using this. after trying few types of conditioner, i guess i will go for those with moisture & hydrating kinds as they seem to work better for me as compare to the other types that i tried. cant wait to try out the sea mineral spray i bought recently *smiles*

Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Cream and Essential Damage Care Treatment Milk, two hair care products that i usually use during alternate days before bedtime. using them, its help to prevent bad bed hair in the morning when i wake up, saving time instead of needing to worry about my hair ..

plus Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Cream, which can use for both day and night, is a cheaper alternate * if you are on a budget* as compare to Essential Damage Care Treatment Milk, which is targeted more towards usage at night.

if you notice, Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, currently the one i using is the one without any UV filter (red packaging has that function), well other that, its roughly have the same purpose so i decided to use this as its cheaper *cheapo me* turns out, it does seem to be the same, helping the hair to be more manageable. although its a oil, but you dont need to worry about whether your hair will end up too oily *unless you pump to much oil on it*

next up is Loreal Paris Keratin Smooth Frizz Eraser Spray, usually i will use this as a heat protector before using the straighter so that my hair wouldnt feel *fried up* afterwards. plus its quite lightweight and smell nice too, not only that, you can also use this spray on both wet and dry hair, blow drying or curling too!

lastly, Batiste Dry Shampoo, currently on the forth bottle! well, living in this little humid sunny red dot, if i dont wash my hair, it tends to turn oily easily but after using the dry shampoo, its much better as it help to clean and keep my hair oily free for the day *smiles* 

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