Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sponsored Review : Nivea Whitening Happy Shave

did you know?

after shaving, our skin at the underarms tend to appear dark, dull, and rough. why? its because regular shaving leads to skin damage and irritation, as well as symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and burning sensations.

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well, not to worry, lets introduces Nivea anti-perspirant Whitening Happy Shave, which is the first whitening deodorant that goes beyond 48 hours of freshness, but also helps lighten and smoothen your underarm skin ...


Nivea anti-perspirant Whitening Happy Shave contains Pro Vitamin B5 & Vitamin C - which helps to support skin regeneration and reduce irritation after shaving! meaning you can use it straight after shaving *smiles*

so basically what u can expect from this product is ...

  • whiten and smooth skin, (within 2 weeks, you will see results as it help prevents darkening of underarms caused by hair removal)
  • repair damaged cells 
  • reduce skin irritation from shaving
  • support skin regeneration
  • provide 48-hour protection against body odour and sweat

its come in 2 different forms : spray and roll-on . but for me, i would prefer the spray bottle, since its feel more hygiene plus its fast and convenient *spray and let it dry while you do other things* while using the roll-on, you get the wet wet feeling on the underarm and worry it might stain your long hair if it accidentally touches it... 

well, that my personal view between spray & roll-on. its more toward the hyigene part since spray bottle doesnt touches your skin unlike the roll-on meaning you need to clear the roller after rolling it on your skin. 

remember to shake well before using!

this is their new design for their anti-perspirant spray bottle from head to toe, which is much more user-friendly and easy to hold on *smiles*

plus, its has a floral fruity scent to it, which last quite long so no worries. and what's best? is that Nivea anti-perspirant Whitening Happy Shave does not contain any alcohol, colorants or preservatives! so its another worry off the tick for users who has sensitive skins or any allergies. since its use after shaving, its quite gentle to our sensitive underarm skin. its take quite fast to dry up after spraying so you can get dress in no time! no stickiness or any stain after using. 

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if you want the small travel size Nivea anti-perspirant Whitening Happy Shave to try out first, redeem your FREE 35ml sample on here and receive a brochure *below* in order to participate in the Instagram contest!

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you can find them at all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers. i got the extra whitening one at $2 from Guardian, to try try.  $9.10 for 150ml spray if you like to grab it right away *smiles*

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