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Monthly Empties 03 September

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finally back with a monthly empty post again *smiles*

not that much, but at least i managed to filled up the box with all my current empties for this month itself. it took me quite a while to finish up the products since i quite lazy at times. long post for this empty ...

let's see what i have clear for the month of September ...

speaking of cleansers, these are the three cleansers that i have tried.. Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam, bought at Innisfree, compare to the other 2 tubes, i really love this cleanser since it quite gentle & lather easily plus a nice scent which i quite like it since its only mild kind so doesnt irritated the nose, and keep the face clean. what's better? its doesnt leave my face dry or itchy, especially using it along with its toner. plus this tube last me quite a while so i guess spend a little more for this around 20++ dollars is quite worth the price.

well, after empty my Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam, decided to try out Bio-essence Cleasning Foam - Double Whitening and Hydra Tri Action Aqua Foamy. although the texture and color of both look the same, i shall be frank that i dislike the Hydra Tri Action Cleasner. why? its suppose to be hydrating yet after using it with its toner, my face ended up quite itchy, even after using a few times it still ended up the same so i decided to stop using it. however, the Double Whitening Cleanser is different from the Hydra Tri Action. its doesnt irritating the skin like the Hydra one, same scent as its serum & day dream range. after using finished the travel size tube, i do find a little whitening effect on those slightly darker spot which is lighten now as compare to before. well, at least no irritation & dryness after using *smiles*

Argan Oil Body Scrub, Naturals by Watsons, u can read my review here. well, for a house brand itself, i do love this scrub since it quite gentle to the skin and doesnt cause any redness or skin irritation. and it smell great too *smiles* got myself another tube to finish since i got it during the B1G1 own label day at watsons, its a day when all their own watsons brands are buy 1 get 1 which its quite worth it. 

Toning Shower Gel by Elancyl, dont really fancy much about this since i just find it like a normal shower gel though it smell nice, but i dont really get to see the toning part since it quite a small tube which didnt last long to see much effect anyway.

Another cleanser, but this time is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, read here for my review. its one of my favorite for this month since i just love how gentle it is. plus its only $2 for a travel size and its cheaper to get a few travel sizes than the actual retail size. *cheapo me* which i did get myself another travel size tube again.

Essential Damage Care Treatment Milk, adding to one of my current favorite for hair care selection that i will use nightly. you can read my june hair pick post here .. this treatment milk does its magical trick to protect your hair while u sleep, without worrying about bed hair in the morning *smiles* 

another hair care product that i cant *live* without currently will be Batiste Dry Shampoo, its already like my 3th empty bottle if i not wrong. i prefer using the cool & crisp fresh scent since its smell very overpowering unlike the other fragrances like floral and wild etc... it help to keep the hair less oily and clear especially before rushing out or after a day out when u are just too tired to wash your long hair and want to go straight to bed.

next is Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner, though its for the dry skin type, it work as well as the other 2 series it has, which are the normal & whitening. basically is to be used after showering yourself clean and apply this conditioner & rinse off. simple right? click here if you like to read the review post for the whitening conditioner *smiles*

as usual the same old Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion & White Formula Super Moist Light Toner, both are as quite good and simple for me. because its $2, i ended up with quite a few number of bottles to finish up *opps* so maybe they might appear again for the next few empties post ..

as for the Hydra Tri-Action Toner, is a NO NO for me just like its cleanser. however, i do like the sleeping mask since it more effective and doesnt has any irritation unlike the toner and cleanser.  

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, is a must if you like to take a break to treat your eyes a little warm. there's 4 different types, 3 with flowery scents and 1 unscented. after using out the 4 different types, i love the one with the rose scent, and the unscented one. one thing i noticed is that the unscented one tends to heat up faster as compare to the ones with scents. after using, you will feel quite relax!!

Beaute Forest 2 Step Pearl & Arbutin Whitening Pack - surprisingly this is the first mask sheet that i managed to make it tear since i wasnt careful in separating the sheet from the plastic sheet. anyway the eyes & nose part broke apart, well maybe its a slight defect or i just too forceful since i didnt had any much problem with this brand for the other few masks i tried. though it still work as normal, the 2 Step Aloe & Cactus Moisturizing Pack is much better than this. 

Dr Morita Black Pearl Essence review here. another one of my current favorite mask!

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing, Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating - love this mask the most if compare to the rest, there's plenty of serum to spare even after removing the mask from the pack, plus is thin and smooth so it fits well on the face. both mask has mild scents so doesnt irritate the nose *smiles* however, Bird's Nest + Collagen  has better hydration compare to the Deep Cleansing Pore. did wanted to get the box of Bird's Nest Collagen at SASA, but they told me that this is the older series so they do not carry any more. anyone know where can get in singapore? *thanks*

and My Beauty Diary Citrus Firming Aroma Mask - nice citrus aroma it has. this is one of the new series that MBD created. this isnt that much different from other masks, other that its strong lovely citrus aroma..

Watsons Papaya & Lactic Acid Foot Peeling Mask, wasnt really effective at all for me, even after waiting for more than a week or so, i dont really see any result of exfoliation or peeling effect, though they stated it might vary among users ... tried once, and not getting it again.

lastly, Smile Foot Mask by The FaceShop, it help to keep your feet smooth and soft. love the scent and its quite effective. the foot mask plastic is much better fit even though its fit for all size & doesnt fall off easily too.

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lately i have been posting more hauls than empties, so i decided to start a little spending ban on myself for this month of October. meaning i wont be allow to spend on any item, other than food and transport. this little ban will only allow me to buy item which i will really need urgently after i finish the item first.

let's see how i survive this ban for this month *smiles*

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