Monday, September 8, 2014

Sponsored Review : Bio-essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

just recently received the Bio-essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask from samplestore. *thanks* 

what's different with this and the other kind of sleeping mask in the market is that it has Bio Aqua Crystal Technology which create *aqua droplets* in 3 seconds after you apply.


this sleeping mask combat 4 common skin problems:
1. dull & tired skin
2. imbalance of oil and moisture level on your skin
3. dry and rough skin
4. enlarged pores

so if you face any of this problems, you can try this out (:


Bio-essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask is made with our unique Bio Aqua Crystal Technology. This technology forms a protective shield over the hydrating ingredients to prevent moisture loss before application. Upon application, this shield breaks away and big aqua droplets are formed. This ensures our skin gets hydrated with the freshest and most optimal amount of hydrating activity. The big aqua droplets are made up of superior hydrating ingredients of small molecular sizes which allow moisture and nutrients to be easily delivered to the deepest layers of skin, while the protective emollient film remains on the skin to lock in moisture for non-stop hydration.
- Bio-essence press release

3 main functions : Hydrates, Nourishes, Protects

1. Hydrate: 3X Hydration Power
Power Nano Hyaluronic Acid: - With an average nano molecular size of 15-25nm, it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, making skin instantly hydrated and moisturized
- Superior moisture retention capability to keep skin firm, plumped and moisturized
Hyaluronic Acid: - Forms a large water-locked network to effectively lock in moisture, keeping the skin moist and soft.
Cranberry Extract: - Works as a great moisturizer and aids in moisture retention,
improving skin elasticity and suppleness. 
2. Nourish 
Cranberry Extract provides excellent conditioning of the skin for a healthy glow. With Bio Energy Fluid which further nourishes and refines skin texture. 
3. Protect
Cranberry Extract is rich in anti-oxidants which protects skin against harmful free radicals, environmental and UV damage. 


Directions of use: Suitable for all skin types and daily use
Step 1: Massage gently till aqua droplets form.
Step 2: Gently pat till fully absorbed into skin.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer over skin as a daily moisturiser. For more intensive treatment, apply a thicker layer to replenish skin’s moisture throughout the night as a sleeping mask

watery gel like texture, which kind of remind me of hada labo sleeping mask, expect that this a fruity scent to it which is kind of sweet. i do like the sea blue color they use for the bottle, like saying "hey, its for hydrating purpose cause it look like water" *smiles*


its very interesting to apply the watery gel onto the skin, then after massaging for 3 seconds or so, water droplets start to form and after you pat, they disappear like magic, leaving your skin non greasy, smooth and hydrated. what's slightly different is that usually some of the sleeping mask need to be wash off after you wake up in the morning, but this, doesnt need to be wash off. what more is that it can also be use as a moisturizer during the morning just by applying a thin layer, so its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone with just one product, very convenience and ease!!

if only this come with a spatula, it will be another plus point to it! 


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you can get this Bio-essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask for $33.90 / 80g !

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