Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review : Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Sleeping Mask

with a current 9-6 working hours during the weekday, following a routine for 5 days a week is still something i trying to get use too even after a month plus already. so most of the time i just too tired after coming home..

usually i like to put on mask, but being the *lazy me* most of the time i just go to bed if i too tired. but one thing that i try not to miss out before bed is to put on sleeping mask!!

recently i did a review on Bio-essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask, before that, i actually tried few different sleeping masks. one of which was Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Sleeping Mask!!


since i just recently finished up the sample bottle mask, i decided to get the actual size product since personally i do like it after using *smiles*

since i not really a day time person in the first place, 9-6 timing is kind of tiring for me, so sleeping mask is one of the MUST product to have in my daily list *although i do skip a day or two sometimes* why is it a must for me?

well, many people say night time is when we *so-called* regenerate our whole body, hair, skin etc... that why sleep is important, so that we can repair and recharge ourselves! to me, using a sleeping mask help to save some time so that i can spend more time do other things, cause sometime after putting on a mask, u either need to wait about 20 mins plus plus then remove and pat to allow the excess serum to be absorb. if too sticky, need to wash off so it doesnt cause the skin to feel itchy afterwards. *not all masks will be overly sticky*

since we sleep and go to dreamland, might as well just add on the mask and off to bed then. save time right?


so many ingredients just in one single sleeping mask ...

if you noticed, bio-essence has different color for their different ranges, like the Aqua Droplet is blue, while their tanaka white is white. their bird's nest range does follow the bird's nest color too!! and those 3 ranges also have reflective cover..

most of their product come with the lid inside, but just doesnt come with a small scope so you need to use your finger or get your own scope ...  

creamy light base texture
step one - grab some and apply onto your skin
step two - gently massage


then just go to bed and sleep, only rinse off after you wake up in the next morning *smiles* plus is not greasy unless you apply alot which i did once to test to see what happen the next morning. unlike the Aqua Droplet sleeping mask, this mask does need to rinse off during the morning. but it give a different feeling compared to the Aqua Droplet, considering that this has a slightly much thicker paste texture. 

waking up feeling better each morning, no itchy itchy feeling in the morning which i like. smell nice too and eve after a night of sleep, you still can smell a slight scent of the sleeping mask *maybe it just me* although the product claim to have whitening effect, i dont really see much change in my skin tone. but for the nourish ans softer part, i agreed! 

feeding your skin with bird's nest + collagen while you sleep.

well, if you like to try this out, maybe if you are buying bio-essence products, you might like to ask a small sample from those promoters to see if they got those samples to try out. *managed to get small sample during those member sales period*

or else you can get the Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Sleeping Mask from watsons, which i got my there while at the atrium at compasspoint just recently yesterday, only at $17++ which was 40% off the original price. if you buy from the store, Bio-essence is having Buy 2 Get 1 promotion now.

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  1. Hi, Where can you buy this mask online? I'm based in India.


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