Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recent Hauls 05

just recently watsons was having their one day member special sale, which is usually the time that i spent slightly more than usual. although the previous one i did bought more during the sale, but this time round, my hands were tied and some of them are for my family member (:


- Avene Thermal Spring Water 300ml spray bottle - i actually using bio-essence bio spring water, but since avene is also around the same price for 2 spray, which is $29.90 so why not just try since i need some spray too.

- Biore Pore pack - usually one cost about $4.60, but during the sale is 3 for $11. the charcoal one also had offer but the normal one does the job too.

- Organix Keratin Oil Treatment 200ml - even since i started using this brand, i just kind of love it.

- Dentiste Plus Toothpaste - dad was quite interested in trying this brand out since after being told about the color label on the toothpaste packaging, like red black or green depending on the amount of chemical used for the toothpaste. whether is true or not, i not very sure but i tired once, its doesnt taste like strong herb which at first i thought will be quite strong.

- Moist Diane Oil Shampoo & Treatment - i ever try the sample before, very sweet strong smell and i kind of like it actually. and since its 20% off, my sis and i decided to give it a try.

- Biore UV Perfect Face Milk - its one of the best buy during the member sale, so it around $11 which you save about $4. you can read my review over here!

- Hapica Sonic Brush Head - its so hard to find these nowadays, the set cost about $20 while the 2 heads is around $12.90. it produced negative ions to help remove stains from the teeth, which i find it work quite well for a reasonable pricing if you compare to brand like Oral B which cost about over $40..


cant wait to try out some of the new products, but still need to wait till i clear the older stash first *smiles*

well i did purchase more than this actually, but these are just a one day purchase only, imagine having add more of what i bought for the past few weeks, i guess i really need to tie my hand away from my wallet.

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