Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recent Hauls 06

though i did a haul post like just few weeks ago, i here with another one.. *ouch* but at least posting my hauls is one way for me to keep track on the damages that i have done to my wallet. is it just me who keep seeing so many sales going on now or i just buying on impulse? well, 50-50 to each i guess *smiles*

this time round, the damages are bought from Watsons, Guardian & THEFACESHOP ..


Foot Peeling Mask is bought from watsons, its one of their own brand products, currently on offer so i decided to try it out since i havent try any peeling mask for the feet. it state that it contains papaya extract and lactic acid which can help soften dry and cracked skin. only come in 1 pair and is a one time use and throw, so hopefully it helps to pamper my feet *cross fingers*

Citrus Firming Aroma Mask is one of the three new mask series by My Beauty Diary, havent try before the new one yet, but MBD is one of my favorite mask brand to choose from. currently it costs $13.80 when i bought it, usual price is around $16++, its current offer price is slightly cheaper than the other series thus that why i got this..

Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Power come with a free Lip Polish, so i decided to grab one to try since its on offer. plus all these grabs from watons was during the 5x points if you spend over a certain amount, and every $50 spent, you also get a $5 coupon off for your next purchase. that one of the reason why i ended up buying more items.

i got myself another Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner, i really love it so much that i decided to get another one to keep stock first. i did a review on this before and if you like, you can check it out here *smiles* .. since i do love this Sea Mineral Moisture series, i decided to get the Sea Mineral Spray too! 

A new brand in guardian while exploring the store, Syoss Hair Colorant 6-77 Auburn Brown. its introducing cost is currently $9.90, so why not grab it since i need to recolor my hair too. there was red in color but decided to try out a different color. this brand has another range which come with olia if you like to try which is free of ammonia.

another masks grab from THEFACESHOP, wasnt really getting all these Real Nature Mask series, but they were having promotion that if you spend $50 dollars, you get to have a lucky dip, which i got another 2 masks from it after the second pick, since my first pick was sun block sample but the lady couldnt find it. was looking forward for the sun block sample since i was thinking whether to buy it or not everytime i walk into the store ...

got myself the Raspberry Roots Special 2 Weeks Kit since i saw the leaflet in the post, which is on offer for only $45 *usual price is $75* at first i thought it would come in a box since on the leaflet the 2 week kit was shown in a box with the sleeping mask, eye patch and eye gel.. kind of disappointed that it ended up coming in a transparent zip bag. oh well ... Raspberry Roots is their new series *fyi*

not to forget, if you got the leaflet in your letterbox, remember to grab your free 3 days Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask sachets so that you can try out their new series!


after all these damage, i need to start tidy up my room and empty more things before i start to pile up more and more again. with the amount of products that i have currently, i guess i have a list of things to slowing try out now..

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