Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review : Imperial Bird's Nest Mask , My Beauty Diary

after long hours of work everyday, what's best to pamper oneself with a cooling mask?
its been long since i use some mask on my face, with a whole box of masks to choose from! 


this time round, let introduce...

what it stated,
Amino acids, Collagen and Polysaccharides extracted from supreme imperial bird's nest can penetrate deeply into extremely dry skin to nourish it. accompanied by natural plant extracts from oats, brown algae and maple sugar that hydrate, retain moisture and soothe. the patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient cosphingo, help to moisturize and refine skin texture, rendering skin perfect to touch and optimally nourished.
skin types for normal skin, especially for extreme dry skins, to invigorate and enhance skin resilience. thus, not suitable for sensitive skin unless you like to try it out on hand with a little drop before you put the mask into your face.


quite light texture to the mask, not very thick neither is it too thin, but it can tear easily if you are not careful with it. lightly scented, quite like it. as usually will always place in the fridge first before placing onto the face, for the cooling effect, then leaving it for about 20-30 mins while relaxing. after 20-30 mins, its will still remain some serum which you can pat your face to let it adsorb the remaining serum into your face. doesn't cause my face to be oily or sticky or dryness after feelings, no reaction cause afterward, moisture yes! but nourishing and i not very sure since i only using it for the first time. 

but do remember to try some serum before you actually place it on your face if you have sensitive skin! very important, cause you wouldn't like to have any breakout after using (:

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